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Thread: FZS Front Suspension too Soft

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    Icon4 FZS Front Suspension too Soft

    Hi Guys ,

    I am facing one issue in my yamaha fzs , where it seems like the front suspension is too soft.
    When i hit even a small humps or gutter holes am hearing some noise from the front side , like the whole front system is hitting with the body. I dont see any leakage also on both the suspension fork's. The situation worsens when i have a pillion rider and applying the front disk brakes.
    Is anybody facing a similar issue ? can anybody help me out ?

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    Topic Approved.

    Firstly, make sure that your suspension is not faulty otherwise. Get it checked from a good authorised mechanic... Once you're sure that its working ok, then you may proceed towards changing its attributes.

    Modern suspensions work through oil passage system. That's because unlike air, liquid doesn't contract much under pressure.
    So, on facing a bump, the oil flows from one section to another via a big hole for quickness, and then it slowly flows back through a smaller hole, so that you don't feel a strong "rebound" when the suspension regains its previous position (as it was before the bump).

    I've heard that you can change suspension stiffness merely by changing the grade of suspension oil. Further modification can be done by an intelligent mechanic, by closing the tube holes inside the front suspension.

    Or you may get the suspension or its parts changed with that of any other bike, the R15 maybe (I'm not sure if it will fit, but seems the best bet).

    So, all kinds of possibilities are there...

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