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Starting Problems on Rx-100

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  • varun_gopinath
    Re: Starting Problems on Rx-100

    Now I'm facing this similar problem. Please help

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  • satishg
    check the spark strength by holding the plug wire nearer to the cylinder head , if the spark is weak and inconsistent you have to change the ignition coil. if the spark is satisfactory --

    check the condition of the spark plug. do the centre electrode has enough length let, orelse you have to change it

    if everything is perfect then get the carburator overhauled. clean tank if its rusty

    spray some WD40 in the ignition switch

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  • Sunny
    Query Approved

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  • unspoken91
    started a topic Starting Problems on Rx-100

    Starting Problems on Rx-100

    hi guys,,
    I am getting fed up by the day by day expenses i am having on my bike. I dint use my bike for 2 days as was out of station and when i return back to have a ride on ma baby it starts which shocked me but when i put it 1st gear and try moving the bike the bike goes off. I tried checking the sparkplug and the plug was oily and it had some deposits on it. Then cleaned it but then it starts only on holding the choke. I did wat ever i knew to make the bike move but the only way i can make the bike move is by pushing it. I am getting so upset on this issue. And forgot to tell you the colour of the white thing which is near the part which produces sparks is brown. Do u what this could mean??
    Please let me know what i could do to make it RUN smooth....
    Please help me guys.
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