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Thread: Yamaha szr is giving me hard time please help

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    Icon9 Yamaha szr is giving me hard time please help

    Hello Everyone,
    I am very new to this forum and not really a technically knowledgable individual. So kindly ignore if anything you find silly. I own a Yamaha SZR 2011 model with 65k KM so far. Last month in Feb I met with an accident (needless to say the guy was drunk) and my bike got some serious damage. The Soccer rods, handles etc were bent with front mudguard broken into pieces. It took a push to start the bike again and reach back home. However my bike started giving me this sound just like those superbikes with big silencer. I thought it was normal but then suddenly one day it turned into rattling sound as if a metal ball is being dropped on the floor. I took it to a mechanic on the way and he charged me 3k bucks for that saying the engine to be repaired. My bike worked fine that day of repairing but yet again the issue is coming up in the same way. There is no pick up, it feels as if it's taking loads of pressure to move and as if the tyres are deflated. Is there anything I should do by myself? Shall I go to the service centre or again give it to a mechanic? The experience with the Service Centre in Kirti Nagar Delhi haven't been good ever. Every time I received my bike with some or the other part broken. SO very confused.

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    Topic Approved.

    If a catalytic converter loses its welding within the exhaust pipe, then we generally hear this noise.
    It happened to my dad's XCD 125 and we roamed around mechanics for a lot of time, before a good mechanic got this solved. As per his suggestion, we welded open the pipe from the exact location, welded the catalytic converter and the problem was solved.

    Please note that its not necessary that this is the issue. Its just my guess.
    Best bet would be, try a different silencer at the service center on requesting them. Test ride it and see if the problem is solved.

    Other than that, unless one can hear the noise, one can't recommend much.

    Try posting a video with a clear audio.

    @The Monk Bro, can you add an advice, since you're from Delhi?

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    Default Re: Yamaha szr is giving me hard time please help

    Thanks for the response samarth !!

    Regret delay, wasn't sure if the question was approved and posted by Team.

    Okay so here are certain symptoms which I might highlight. Also, the mechanic who fixed it for me told me about engine etc. nothing about exhaust pipe though.

    I feel some vibration while riding not sure if engine or anything else but as if the bike is gasping for air.
    The engine shuts in the middle of a ride and the start switch is to be pushed.
    The bike feels as if the tyres are deflated but the air pressure is absolutely normal.

    Although I am planning to give it to the service centre tomorrow but as I said before I don't trust them. all they would do is outer shine that's it. No real job for the betterment.

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