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Thread: Pulsar 200ns engine mated with ktm duke200

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    Default Pulsar 200ns engine mated with ktm duke200

    Hi, i own a pulsar 200ns. I have a different breed of engine transplanted on it. Its running on a Doh cams, head,timing chain and from KTM duke 200 with k&n r1100 with a leo vinci replica exhaust.. So aftr the transplant i could feel a drastic change in initial pickup,its lighting quick untill 100kmph, but it was restricted just to 120 kmph mark and vehicle struggles to clock more.It was running on stock pulsar200ns sprocket. To achieve top speed i switched the rare sprocket to the ones from p220.But still i don't see any difference. I am confused, weather to switch the Front sprocket . I would be glad if i get some help with the right sprocketting combination in order to chern the max power into speed.
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    You may add more info into your post by editing it... As for sprocketing, I've already mentioned that until your engine doesn't touch 145 or so kmph on stock sprockets, the expense is unnecessary.
    Try getting the engine right first.

    Please note that every petrol engine is fed Air+Petrol's mixture by its carburetor (or Fuel injection system).

    These 2 things, Air and Fuel must be in a proper ratio.

    If there is more fuel than air, the vehicle will run cooler than usual, but it will run heavy, give lesser mileage and performance both. (Rich AFR)
    If there is more air than fuel, its more dangerous, as the vehicle will heat up sooner, and lose performance sooner. Engine life also decreases. (Lean AFR)

    There are some ways of knowing your AFR...

    1. One very basic way is to check spark plug's tip...
    Dryish light brown means lean AFR. Pitch blackish means rich AFR. Ideal AFR should be in middle o these 2, like darkish brown or so.
    Now, your vehicle has 3 spark plugs, so I'm not sure which one you must check. Apologies for that.

    2. Another way is to tune the carburetor's AFR screw and keep checking results again and again using a CO Machine.

    This machine is available at most company service centers. They insert a plug into your exhaust and check the composition of gases. Check the below chart:-

    So, as you must have guessed, your aim is maximum CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) from the engine (don't confuse it with CO, which is Carbon Monoxide).

    So, keep adjusting the AFR screw and fit in a bigger carburetor's Main Jet. As far as I know, the one in Karizma comes in size 125, but you will have to check P200's main jet size.

    You may consider using shave technique to drill a existing main jet, so it lets more fuel inside.

    My Pulsar 180 UG3 (later made 208cc), went well with a Karizma's main jet (#125). The stock size of main jet was 117.5.

    First, try finding out if the AFR is right or not. Till then, ride slow, below 4000 rpm.

    Also check this link for more info:- Understanding Engine Exhaust Emissions
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    Default Re: Pulsar 200ns engine mated with ktm duke200

    Thnaks alot @Samarth619 for those valuable try trial and errors and keep you updated

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