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Thread: Restoring A 2000 kinetic GF125.

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    Default Restoring A 2000 kinetic GF125.

    So my My dad owns a 2000 Kinetic GF125 which has been sitting idle due to a missing flywheel magneto by the previous mechanic who was working on it. Now my Fathers birthday is coming up and I wish to get it restored as a present since I can put down enough cash for it. But its hard to find people who can restore the bike since kinetic doesn't have parts available. I am looking for any leads on Restoration or Motorcycle modification guys, who can take up this project.
    The bike has been used well by my dad and it was the 1st bike i learnt to ride on. So its really important to me to get it to work some how. So any leads on Modification / Restoration guys in Mumbai area are appreciated.

    Also My other plan if the restoration Wouldn't work was to go on with buying a used bike probably a Pulsar(same color as My kinetic) from same era and get the body fitted with the one of kinetic GF125 and not have any branding about kinetic at all since the Body representation of that bike is enough. I am still not sure how illegal it is to do such a modification since there is no tampering of Chasis or Engine, So please do let me know your thoughts.
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    Default Re: Restoring A 2000 kinetic GF125.

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