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Thread: Gixxer 155 engine is very rough

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    Icon8 Gixxer 155 engine is very rough

    Hello friends,
    I bought a new Gixxer on 6th of august 2018. For the first few days it worked fine, but after 3 or 4 days, I feel that the engine is being stressed too much and it heats up very quickly. I asked some of my friends about this problem and they told me to wait for the 1st service of the bike, because after that usually these problems disappear. So I did that.

    But after the 1st service, the problem remains the same, no effect on the bike. So i used the bike as it is. I thought may be after the break-in period the bike will work fine, but it is still giving me same problem. Bike feels very rough, the engine is taking too much stress and it is giving me very low fuel economy. And one thing more, in the morning the bike performs good, but after few kms like 10 or 15kms it starts giving me this problem.

    Please help me with this. Am I the only one, who is facing this problem, or it is normal in a Gixxer.

    Please help
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    Default Re: Gixxer 155 engine is very rough

    Thread approved.

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    Default Re: Gixxer 155 engine is very rough

    Check your brake. If your brake is too tight then your engine feels like stressed and hot. if your brake is too tight basically your are hitting your brake all the time and your motorcycle need more power to ride braked motorcycle. Since your bike is new i can't think of other problem. Still check your air filter and if there is anything clogged there check if your clutch cable is adjusted properly with proper free play. if your bike is under warranty just tell the mechanic. Some motorcycle are manufacture defect.

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