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Thread: Bajaj Pulsar 150 mods

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    Default Bajaj Pulsar 150 mods

    Hello xBhpians!

    I have a Pulsar 150, 2014 model. It has not run much, around 20k miles that's it.

    I have maintained it in good condition, never had any issues, used to give 55-60 kmpl.

    Now I am planning to modify my bike with some aftermarket parts. I'm not too considerate about the life of the engine. I've had good riding experience past 5 years. I just want to get my hands dirty, learn stuff and enjoy riding a bike I modified myself.

    Here is the list as of now:

    1. K&N RC1060 air filter
    2. NGK Iridium spark plugs
    3. Exhaust
    4. Rejet and Carb tuning
    5. Final drive
    6. Change gear lever to single toe peg
    7. Moderate weight reduction

    I've already bought the K&N filter. I'll buy the Iridiums shortly. But I need some help in 3, 4, 5, 6.

    3 - The main reason I'm modding the exhaust is to get some good throttle response by reducing the muffler resistance. This will also result in some increased noise which I need. The stock silencer I felt is too silent.
    But I'm skeptical about changing the entire set to a slip-on or something that produces lots of noise and attract cops. And I don't want a bad sounding bike.
    Can I do something with my stock silencer itself? To increase exhaust flow and deepen the sound? What's the effort needed? Any guide to the internals of the silencer?

    4 - Once I change intake and exhaust, I'll rejet to account for the increased flow. I'm expecting a little horsepower increase (or should I?). Can anyone advise which new jet I have to buy? I'll get the AFR tuning done with the help of an experienced mechanic. But I need some help selecting the bigger jet for my bike if put on RC1060.

    5 - My Pulsar 150 has moderate acceleration, but the top end is short. It hits 60kmph in 5th gear at 5000 RPM. I consider anything above 5k RPM to be on the high side, don't like the sound and vibrations past 6k RPM at all.
    I'll try a taller gearing in the final drive, but I need you guys opinion on how much is 'too much'. If I fit a Pulsar 220 final drive, will it be good or will the engine fight very much to get going?

    6 - This is simple. I just wanted to know from which bike I could borrow the toe peg gear lever from. It should be a direct replacement, not like the complex push rod arrangement of Pulsar 180.
    So if anyone has changed their stock gear lever please advise or put your suggestion. My last resort will be to take it to a machine shop and chop the aft part of it (heel shifter).

    Any help/suggestion/advice appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: Bajaj Pulsar 150 mods

    Thread approved.

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