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Thread: Should I cover my bike even if it's wet

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    Default Should I cover my bike even if it's wet

    I have a Maestro Edge (purchased on 26th Dec 2018). I generally use it only on the weekends as I work through the week and don't get any time to use it. My building does not have an enclosed parking and hence I need to keep it out in the open in my building compound.

    I used to cover it with my parking cover on sunday nights and leave it covered through the week. I have continued doing this even after the monsoon has set in. However, there are times, when it's been raining consistently every day through the week. At such times, the bike is already wet on a sunday night. However, I still cover it as I leave early mornings and return quite late and I have no idea when I'll get it in a dry state. Instead it might continue to rain further through the week and drench the bike even more. I used to keep one cover (provided by the showroom) but that seemed useless in the case of protecting from rain. I now use two covers together as both seemed ineffective by themselves.

    I'm not sure though if this is a good practice. Should I cover a bike if it's wet, or leave it open to dry naturally even if there's a risk that it might rain heavily and drench the bike as well. I tried wiping it dry with a cloth, however, I still feel there will be nook and corners that need natural drying, the part above the engine and under the seat for example, water is often splashed there by the wheel. I know this might sound like a trivial silly question, but as a beginner even the basics are not that obvious to me.

    Additionally what precautions should I take to protect it during rains, especially if there's no enclosed parking and I need to keep it in the open. I currently have the handle cover along with the parking cover.

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    Default Re: Should I cover my bike even if it's wet

    Thread approved.

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