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Thread: Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 tyres installed on my R15V3 NON ABS 2018, Need Help

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    Post Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 tyres installed on my R15V3 NON ABS 2018, Need Help

    After 11,000 Km's. I decided to change to new tyres as the old mrf's were been through a lot of speed runs, straight up offroading on bangalore roads, jumping into pot holes like its a Royal Enfield Himalayan and the everyday abuse of travel.

    Originally planned on getting the Angel CT but the shop that I had visited ran out of stock , So instead the only ones they had remaining were the Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 and Rosso 3.

    Decided to get the Rosso 2, Only problem tho - Rosso 2's don't get manufactured to the stock recommended size of 100/80-17. and Truth be told - They do have the back recommended size of 140/70-17 but since I was adamant on getting the same Radial Pirreli's on both front and back. Decided to cop it, Why settle for less now ?

    Stock tyres -
    100/80-17 MRF/Nylogrip zapper-fx1
    140/70-17 MRF/Nylogrip zapper-s

    New tyres -
    110/70-17 54H TL Diablo Rosso 2
    150/60-17 66H TL Diablo Rosso 2

    The shop guy strongly advised against the up-size, as apparently someone before me - did the same thing on his bike and had a bad accident.

    Maybe I'm having buyers remorse ? after spending a total of 13K on Tyres, fitment and balancing.

    But what he advised has been stuck on my mind like a broken record.......

    Did I mess up ?
    Should I brace myself for a serious crash too ?
    Need you opinion, views and advice.......
    Oh and what PSI should I run the new ones on ?

    Bike Info
    2018 R15 V3 - NON ABS
    1 year old
    11,000 KMS

    Mods Done so far
    Green Head lights filter screen
    DB visor
    Pro taper grips
    Lever protectors
    Frame sliders
    Mobile stand and charger
    K&N Air filter
    Tail tidy
    Front indicators
    Back indicators
    Hazard unit
    Full synthetic oil Motul 7100 10W40
    Custom decals
    Shift sock
    Tank grips
    Diablo Rosso 2 {NEW ADDITION}

    Before Adding Tyres -

    New tyre-
    Name:  IMG_20190926_122108.jpg
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Size:  111.0 KB
    PS:Haven't taken a photo of the bike with the new tyres on, she needs a wash.
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    Default Re: Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 tyres installed on my R15V3 NON ABS 2018, Need Help

    Thread approved.

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    Default Re: Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 tyres installed on my R15V3 NON ABS 2018, Need Help

    Relax, that shopkeeper is an idiot for making such ridiculous assumptions. Nobody can say for sure that the reason for that accident was upsized tyres for sure. An accident occurs when everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong and conditions go completely out of your control, just one factor like tyres can't be blamed directly.

    I have been upsizing tyres since the age of Yamaha RX100, never had an accident because of upsizing (or for any other reason). But you need to know the obvious disadvantages especially in a motorcycle like R15:
    Acceleration is not as aggressive & instant like before.
    Increased contact patch results in increased rolling traction, hence lower top-speed.
    Front is not as agile as before, flicking & leaning requires a little more effort than before.
    Increased braking distance.
    Slightly inaccurate odometer readings because of change in tyre's circumference.

    But these are all minor disadvantages which are negated completely by the advantages of upsizing - better grip, better braking, less chances of wheelspin and skids!
    Basically just start braking a little earlier than before and you are good to go, stop worrying about probabilities, in fact you can decrease your probability of accidents to almost zero by becoming a skilled and safe rider. If you have not already done so, learn COUNTER-STEERING. It's THE ONE technique which improves your handling, you will start leaning in even on wet roads just like those MotoGP riders!

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