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Thread: Royal Enfield broke due to incorrect / harsh kick starting

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    Default Royal Enfield broke due to incorrect / harsh kick starting

    I own a Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Black and at this point facing some serious issues. I purchased my vehicle in March 2019. The run in was done properly and the vehicle ran smoothly with normal vibrations. In month of August after I had done ~4000 KMs on one unfortunate day me and my friends were trying to kick start the bike. We were trying and learning how to properly kick start the bike in one kick itself. We jumped on the kick started for around ~40 minutes. The kick slipped many times and many times the vehicle started. From the very next I started experiencing heavy vibrations and rattling. Earlier the vibrations used to kick in at 60kmph @ 3rd gear and 80kmph @4 th gear. The shaky vibrations start at 40kmph on 3rd gear and I feel them even while decelerating. They rattle the vehicle even when decelerating with throttle closed and stay while the the speed decreases by ~20kmph. For example 80 to 60 on 4th gear. The acceleration is also not linear and I feel the shaky pulling. I took it to service center and they simply ignored it saying that 500 has vibrations and these are normal ones. Now the vibrations have gone down a bit because of the parts been worn out. Now I have around 9000 KMs in the odo. I made them open the left side case but they say that they find everything fine when it's actually not. I am not able to figure out what the kick starter could damage that resulted in these vibrations. Please let me know if you have encountered any issues like this or if you have any idea.

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    Topic Approved.

    I'm not too informed about RE engines, but I'm told once that the kick start mechanism turns the crankshaft through the clutch and gear box maybe. And this doesn't kinda seem a simple setup.
    Specially the gearbox. Anyhow, try getting in hand the workshop manual of your bike's specific model year. It can suggest well, where the problem may lie.

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