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Cleaning up of threads in Help Me section

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    locking threads isnt gonna save space is it?
    Regardless, Life shall go on.


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      Free Flow exhausts
      I has started this thread but now my query has been solved. So this thread can be deleted or locked.


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        Just a suggestion, you can give the person who posts the issue the option to close the thread once he feels that his issue solved/his query has been answered. While some people wont do this, majority of regular users will do so.

        Another option would be to have an auto lock feature once there is a considerable amount of time from the last post to the thread. It will make things much easier for you :-)


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          One thing that will help this forum is deleting and disapproving all threads regarding K&N,HP,Uni,Pipecross or any other Goddamned free flow air filter that's available in the market. The help me section sees atleast 2 threads per day about K&N and the heating issue. I don't get why mods approve similar kind of threads everyday?People just don't seem to be using the search function on the forum. One thing i had observed on other forum is that if a thread about a similar topic already exists, the new topic guy is bashed for not using the search function and for creating a mess.
          Instead of approving such threads the topic starters of such threads should be redirected to a sticky but locked thread containing all the information about installing free flow intakes on all the Indian bikes as the process for all of the bikes is more or less the same. Locked because people post without going through the information on the previous pages. Its really annoying to see the air filter queries every time the help me section is accessed.
          It also makes the help me section look n00b-ish. I am ready to start such a thread anywhere mods suggest. I just need to gather the jet size information for the usual bikes eg ZMA, the pulsars, the unicorn,etc.


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            There are simply too many P-220 vs ZMR/Karizma/R15 threads, if they can be rolled into one, people can have a better idea if they go through the pages(no pain, no gain), as you have to really repeat everything almost every week


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              Now a days in Help me section I am seeing many members posting threads with similar topics like "Help in mileage tuning" "Upgrading performance mods" etc.. it would be fine if you can start a separate SUB FORUM for "mods"

              Also can move threads on carburettor tuning to Universal threads. Help me section will then at-least be looking pleasant.
              sigpicTame the Road........


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                Thew ZMR thread in the Desi Bikes section has been transformed into the ownership thread.
                The thread needs to be moved!

                EDIT: I see that the upjetting and the K&N threads are being moved to the universal threads! Thank you mods!
                Last edited by pavanchirmade; 09-03-2010, 01:28 AM.


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                  Dear Modo,
                  please delete my thread in Help me!, (My pulsar shakes like drill machine),
                  that thread is not helpful and had gone to dog's mouth due to few nasty posts.
                  please delete it......
                  We wouldn't need a forum if we all had same opinions, same thoughts, and same bikes..... Enjoy the difference.