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[Help]: Suzuki Dome

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  • [Help]: Suzuki Dome


    Need a few suggestions here.

    I have a Suzuki Fiero. I have put a Pulsar 220's projector in the stock Fiero Dome. The Projector is good, the light is wonderful and all is good here.

    The issue is, the projector is slightly long and pushes or rather nudges the speedo cable. This nudge while riding, i assume becomes a push and breaks the speedo cable. I have tried re routing the cable in all possible ways, but of no use.

    I have 2 options in my mind.

    1. The entire Dome is on two nuts.One on either side. So what if I add two clamps between the Bracket on the forks and the Dome? This would bring the Dome little forward, bring in some breathing space between the rear of the projector and the poor speedometer cable. Would this cause any issues? Any pointers on this idea?

    2. The projector has been fixed on the reflector after increasing the bulb hole(not sure what its called) on the reflector suitable to hold the Projector. I could enlarge it further and push the Projector right through. There is no way, the projector would go slightly forward. It has to go in fully and rest on the reflector floor. Now this would attract a lot of work as I would have to make a lot of modifications to the reflector, to keep the projector stable and in place.

    I know, pics if the dome and reflector would help in coming up with ideas and I shall do that very soon, but till then, if you could provide some suggestions or thoughts, I would be thank full.


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    Query Approved.


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      go with idea 1 first.. less troublesome...

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        Originally posted by jd666 View Post
        go with idea 1 first.. less troublesome...
        Hoping my best for a positive result


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          restoring 2001 model Suzuki Fiero

          how can i insert picture?
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