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Thread: Solace Passion In Depth Review

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    Default Re: Solace Passion In Depth Review

    Product Review Approved

    Thanks for the comprehensive review.
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Solace Passion In Depth Review

    Quote Originally Posted by The Monk View Post
    Product Review Approved

    Thanks for the comprehensive review.
    My Pleasure
    Well-trained reflexes are quicker than luck.

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    Thumbs up Solace Passion Gloves Ė The Experience So Far


    I have been riding for a while now; however never owned proper riding gear apart from a helmet, the worse part is, I had my wife as pillion on numerous occasions only with a helmet as well but nothing more. Suddenly i don't know what struck me and what got me back to XBhp and i started reading and logging in time and time again, and during this process i started to think of all the incidents the members have gone through during bike falls and how lucky they were to get away safely with the correct riding gear on them. All this, but not once it occurred to me after passing through multiple accidents on the highway on my way to work, what a classic idiot I could be and now I have changed for the better. I wear the whole shebang: the gloves, the jacket, the helmet and ride more alert than ever. I could say that all this is with a little help from all the members whose reviews and expert comments helped me in deciding to do the right thing and now here I am giving my own experience.

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    1. Material and Protection: 4/5
    0.8,0.9mm Cow aniline Leather -
    Aniline Leather is the most natural and beautiful form. Full Grain Aniline Leather has been soaked in aniline dye, but does not have any subsequent pigmented or clear coat finishes applied. This dye can completely penetrate inside the hide and remove natural marks and scars. It is soft, pliable and expensive.
    Amara + Stretchable Fabric Used - Synthetic leather, made of 60% polyamide and 40% polyurethane, which is not only weatherproof, but also soft and comfortable. Additionally it offers an excellent grip and is therefore often used on the palms of motocross gloves.
    Schoeller Keprotecģ Reinforced Palms - One can read the tech gone behind making this......
    Carbon Fiber Knuckles Ė It's not really Carbon Fibre I am sure as the company claims, but could be a patch or design maybe, as CF is quite expensive.
    Rubber + Vented Sliders used on fingers
    Silicon "Power Grip" on fingers & palm for secure grip.
    Nylon Bonded Thread used
    Reflective Material used
    EVA Padding at palm for extra protection
    Velcro Adjustable wrist

    Enough HP to protect any rider from a nasty or a simple fall, it rings in my head to swing the throttle even more knowing Iím wearing a glove with all this tech and thought behind every corner of protection worn by me.

    2. Build Quality: 4/5
    The build quality of the gloves seem really good, I am not scared of stretching and twisting the throttle every now and then wondering if any stitching would come off. Infact since these are my 1st expensive gloves going into the thousand (yes, the last i wore cost me just 500 bucks), I make sure to tuck them back into the plastic cover given once I reach work or if I am doing any riding and then they go straight into the bag safely. I do this cuz thatís how I take care of my things especially if they cost me this much, not because the gloves need to be treated that way or canít survive being left in the open, ready to be abused. So far 740Km done with these gloves, as I use them to work practically every day, they are holding up well and I donít see any abnormal or aging signs.

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    Name:  sku_156368_1.jpg
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    3. Weather Compatibility: 3/5
    So these gloves are not waterproof and the company claims it as well. These will not protect you from those cold wind chills that blast onto you at high speeds, nor shall the rains or any liquid be protected by its might. This is a fabric+textile based gloves and the meshing gives it access for ventilation. Itís in fact perfect right now for me as the hot+humid+sweaty summer is kicking in, in Mumbai. I use these gloves every day to work to and fro and I have to face the shitty Western Highway traffic due to work going on the metro and this glove is a boon as I donít feel hot nor sweaty wearing it.

    4. Comfort: 3/5
    Maybe this is me being a noob or since I am really used to Fabric Gloves, that even a little nit of Textile could hamper my comfort level, not thinking of the protecting it commands. Well so far it is definitely comfortable after almost 3 weeks of usage, but not entirely happy as there is a slight discomfort on the Thumb . I think something or a stitching rubs onto it and leaves a mark with constant irritation during the ride. I think I need to fix this ASAP, but maybe it could alter on its own in due course, taking shape of my actual hands and thus helping in the cause. Hoping I could break into these quicker and to be even quicker.

    Name:  2.jpg
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    5. Summary: 4/5
    One reason I really went for this product by Solace was a few reviews and experiences from fellow XBhp members, and the safety and protection it gave them was unmatchable at this price point.Amal Bhagat says, ďFew days back I was driving my bike with the speed of around 90 - 100km/hr on a road. Suddenly, due to a bad road I fell down & my bike slips very badly. Before I came to know anything I had collapsed & dragged with my bike for quite far distance. But just I wore SOLACE Sprint Jacket (Orange) with Passion Gloves there is no single scratch on my bodyĒ

    Really cheap for the features & build provided
    Great tech provided through material & comfort.
    Excellent build quality.
    Looks Good, especially with the Carbon Fiber on the knuckles, adds a lot of richness.

    Stitching could be taken care of at least from the inside, to avoid any kind of discomfort.
    Being black and a dirt magnet, a cleaning kit would be of help.

    I got my gloves and jacket from the Solace dealer in Mira-Road (E), thatís where I reside. Kapil, he is a rider & photographer as well, so got a good perspective about other gears and how the CX works in terms of any exchange, defects or fixing that is required with the process being much smoother with the Solace team in Bangalore, this is have to yet experience, but thereís always a 1st time for everything.


    Name:  Dealers.jpg
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    NOTE: This is written purely out of my own experience and ownership with these gloves since almost a month now and thought itís the right time to pen down and share the same with others or anyone in search for that prefect new gloves, but does not have big bucks to shell out.
    Apologies if any language used here was not meant to, and since this is my first review for XBhp would like as much feedback as I could to help me pen my next.

    Also in no way Iím affiliated to Solace or they paid me to write anything.
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    Default Re: Solace Passion In Depth Review

    Hi all, I am also having a Solace Passion gloves which I got from Chennai dealer. It is about a month old now .
    As I was not used with riding gloves, it took about a week to adjust with switch controls. Now the gloves is perfectly fit like a second skin.

    I am seeing some thread raising in finger end ( index finger) would wait for further developments.

    As this is about a 1000km old in Chennai weather , I would like to know how to clean the gloves. is it ok to wash it using detergent and water?

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    Default Re: Solace Passion In Depth Review

    Hi all,

    Please find the reply below from Solace for my query of cleaning the gloves
    thanks for the feedback, you can try to clean it with normal detergent & water and wipe with a cloth then put under the fan to get it dry. thanks

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Team SOLACE"

    I am currently cleaning the gloves as per their instructions.

    Now the gloves is 5500km / 6 months young. Using it daily for office ride (20km one side). The gloves is comfortable for daily use. Don't sweat much.

    One drawback which I feel in this gloves is lack of any foam / spongy material in the palm area ( Protection is provided , but a little foam would have helped).
    While riding in heavy traffic conditions my palm is getting red due to constant pressure of protective part in the gloves.

    The reflective parts in the gloves is getting faded off.

    Other than these issues, the gloves is real VFM.

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