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Thread: GUB G-85 Metal Mount- Review

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    Default GUB G-85 Metal Mount- Review

    Hi all!

    I have been very inactive on the forum since I am not a techie guy so far.
    Would like to review a mobile mount with best budget and touring purpose.
    I have tried and used variety of mobile mounts we can see online and also spare parts shop like karol bagh but being cheap quality they don;t last long.
    Most of them have a designed which didn;t let me use my corner placed earphone jack or their springs came loose after several use which made me insecure for my phone.

    The only option I had to go with RAM X-mount referred by ashwinprakas but I was still skeptical about loosen ball joints and tension springs in future as my iphone with the Lunatik Extreme case weigh more then 300 grams and is super wide + thick so I needed something to hold atleast 400 grams with factor of safety.
    Then I came to know about 11-11 sale on Aliexpress where I found this mobile mount for considerably cheap and I ordered one and It came within 4 days after ordering.

    Mobile Mount- GUB -G85 6063 Alluminium CNC machined
    Brand - GUB G
    Type - Screw On/ Bolt tight
    Price - Rs. 450 INR

    Coming to the mount, It is entirely made up of metal and is fixed with a bolt on clamp on handle bar. NO 360 degree swivel design unless you loose the nut with allen key and fix it in desired position but the design in robust and may work for life. Comes in a soft box with a plastic tray including couple of allen keys, bolts, spacers and rubber gasket, tiny user manual, clamp and mount itself.
    Now I don't find it very practical and safe to install mobile mount on handle bar as they have maximum impact of jerks and vibrations because of the roads we have which may also result in falls during a tour..
    So I used my handle bar clamp and made it to accept mount clamp in middle - A much better place and also in line of sight.

    Mount and its Clamp
    Attachment 245599

    What comes in Box?
    Attachment 245600

    If installed on Handle Bar sides (Not a good place IMO)
    Attachment 245601

    Doesn't protrude at all. I cut some portion of stock handle clamp to accommodate this in between.
    Attachment 245602

    Real World Use - Phone is screwed with the help of main bolt and flanges. It doesn't block charging and headphone socket at all. One can use slip on transparent water proof cover to make whole unit water resistant. Though No mobile mount is 100% safe unless phone kept in tank bangs.

    Attachment 245603
    Attachment 245604

    Disclaimer : I write this review for my personal enjoyment (For readers too). From time to time I may give my opinion on a product or service. It is just my opinion, I'm not an expert in the field and other people's opinions may differ (I can't help it if they are wrong, ha ha).

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    Default Re: GUB G-85 Metal Mount- Review

    Thread approved.

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    Default Re: GUB G-85 Metal Mount- Review

    Quote Originally Posted by xBhp View Post
    Thread approved.
    I request moderators to please delete this thread as there is exactly one already posted before by me. Please remove this one.
    Thank You for approval.

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