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I don't see such kind of hole system in Honda Shine 2007 model bike. Please advice where can I find this hole in that particular model bike. Thanks.
Your Honda might have a slightly different system of venting the petrol tank - in my Suzuki, the petrol tank is vented via the fuel lid - I think this intentional design might not allow petrol to flow down the floor when the pump attendant accidentally overfills till brim. On your Honda, the tank should still have a vent pipe but it may not go through the key lid. If you can blow air through this pipe without difficulty, then most probably it is not blocked.

These are holes I talked about to that Hornet owner - but this setup is for my GS - (1) Goes to bottom of the fuel tank -> connects with a rubber pipe for venting. The pipe simply opens itself to immediate environment. (2) connects with #1 when lid is closed. (3) connected with #2 always.

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