regarding the flatslide, on measurement of my bikes carb I had found that it was 26 mm across, I replaced it with a spare 30 mm flatslide[ the ones commonly seen in the cast iron bullets].

The affect was; 1) the throttle response was immediate, where as with the cv there seemed to be a delay, with this the response was immediate, so much so that I could raise the rpm and hold it to a degree.
2) exhaust note seemed more aggressive
3) Bike had the old school 'feel' mute when the engine was cold and lively as the engine temperatures increased
4) top end increased slightly [perhaps because of the larger carb] 112 to 121

the negatives were
1) cranky response, in short, the cv modulates to a degree the outside temp pressure and engine temp to ensure a relative smooth operation, with the flats, if the conditions were not ideal[relative to the tuning], the engine behaved erratically.
2) rich mixture, for some reason i could not get lean enough [ maybe because of the larger jets]
3) loss of mid range, the bike had two conditions, full out or low speed there was simply no gradual rise.

ultimately I preferred the flatslide as it was 1) more aggressive 2) had that 'carb kick' the immediate surge in power when the main jet takes over the pilot jet , which i found lacking in the cv carb.