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Thread: information about raid de himalaya

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    Default information about raid de himalaya

    greetings bikerz.
    i recently attended the SJOBA rally's exhibition stage at chandigarh, that made me go crazy. all those tricked out gypsys and modded bikes, there was even a girl on a hero honda glamour, all this set me wanting to do it myself. i searched a bit on the internet and all the searches concluded at raid de himalaya only as the best offroading competetion out there. i need the seniors and people who already have taken part in it to enlighten us about the whole process, registration, money involved, bike modifications etc.. as i am sure there would be many more out there not taking part just because of lack of knowledge.

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    Talk to Vivek Sharma. He has won Group D in 2008. Talk also to Nitinjit, he was at SJOBA and finished 4th on Group D this year. He will be participating in Raid this year in all probability. They will give you the details on how to get your FMSI licence. You will also have to prepare a bike.

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    SJOBA is a good rally to start with.. as I was advised by many greats in many places. Raid is a pretty tough event IMO. Will be too much to gulp down for a first time participant..

    What you need to do is:
    - Apply for FMSCI Rally license for 2W (check fmsci website) for Group-D (stock class).
    - Once you get the license, look out for rallys to participate in. They'll generally have their own websites (most of the time) and will provide Supplementary Regulations (SR) with all details of the rally. There'll be an entry form to fill and you'll need to send copies of ur actual RTO DL and the rally license along with the form and participation fee (varies between competitions).
    - Once you are ready for it.. you can make some minor modifications to the bike w.r.t Group-D spec (again FMSCI website has info on this)

    Entry cost for SJObA last year was 3K.. Raid is much much higher.
    You might have small overhead costs to modify your bike .. mainly to get some cheap parts on it in case of a fall.

    Spend the rest of the money on good riding gear..

    Since you are in Mohali,.. you could go to motor market Sec.48 Chd and get in touch with Yogesh Lakhani and get some first hand info from him.. He has had several podium finishes in various rallys and is a very helpful guy..
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