While discussing the history of motorsport and especially motorcycle racing in India, there’s one name that everyone, then and now, resonates with. And that name is TVS. Whenever one discusses motorcycles or motorcycle racing, the discussion cannot be complete without that name. And their dedication to motorcycle racing is what led to a dedicated division devoted to racing.

TVS Racing, formed in 1983, has been setting the tracks on fire both on the tarmac and off it. Be it the 50cc mopeds they used to race at the time of their inception or the track-focused production motorcycle like the TVS Apache RR 310, TVS Racing has come a long way and from what we see, they aren’t stopping anytime soon! TVS Racing started to race on their 50cc mopeds in 1983. Come 1984, they had already made a name for themselves as the said mopeds clocked insane speeds of 100+ kmph. TVS Racing was formed with not only to make it big on the racetracks. More than that, TVS wanted India and Indians on the global motorsport map to that end, they have supported more than 100 riders since their inception.

TVS also wanted their production motorcycles to benefit from their experience in racing. The objective had been to continuously improve the performance of their motorcycles. And over the years, TVS Racing has provided valuable data, design inputs, and more for the development of motorcycles that would possess excellent handling and exhilarating performance. The Apache series of motorcycles from TVS stands as a testament to their dedication, hard work and success. From the one of a kind special rally kit bike, the Supra SS 100cc in 1991 to the venerable Apache RTR 450 FX in 2013 and from the first 150cc 4-stroke bike, the Fiero in 2000 to the Apache RTR 160 in 2007, TVS has done it all.

And their success has not only been limited to one discipline of motorcycling. Road racing, Dirt Tracks, Rally, Motocross and Supercross, they have their name etched right there on the top in the history of these disciplines in India. But what garners the highest amount of respect for TVS Racing, is not their participation in the game, it’s their unwavering will to take our country on the international stage. TVS was the first manufacturer in India to start the One Make Championship. They did that in 1994 and from then on, the championship has been a stage for the young racers in the country to showcase their talent.

The One Make Championship they started back then, has evolved into a multi-faceted stage for the racers of our country. And it has only become better with the launch of the TVS Apache RR 310. Last year, TVS Racing announced that the One Make Series will feature the race-tuned TVS Apache RTR 2004V Race Edition 2.0. In addition to that, they also announced the RR Cup or TVS One Make Championship RR 310 where the Race-spec RR 310 made its debut in the championship. The One Make Series with the RTR 2004V features a Novice Category and a Women’s One Make Series which shows us how committed TVS is to bring the women of the country in motorsport.

TVS Racing have worked towards their goal of excelling in motorsport and as a result of that, today, they participate in Supercross Championships, Rally, and Road Racing events in not only India but Sri Lanka as well. The rallies include Desert Storm, Raid de Himalaya and Dakshin Dare among others. In 2015, TVS became the first Indian factory team to take part in the prestigious Dakar Rally. They forged a partnership with SHERCO which led to the formation of Sherco TVS Rally factory team. When it comes to supporting women in motorcycling, TVS Racing signed Shreya Iyer making her the first woman racer for a factory team in India. In the same year, TVS Racing extended their support to Alisha Abdullah Racing Academy for Women.

And when it comes to the accolades, TVS Racing has been the champion in the Group B category if the INMRC (Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship) for 7 years in a row! And that is in addition to their numerous titles in the championships of other disciplines of motorcycle racing in India such as Rally, Motocross and Supercross etc. But even then, TVS Racing’s most significant contribution (for us at least) apart from their participation and support for the game, is their experience that helps in the development of TVS’ production motorcycles.

As we mentioned, the production motorcycles, especially the Apache series of motorcycles have been developed closely with TVS Racing. Their inputs and experience have led to the development of the Apaches that we see on the road and on the track. Be it the very first Apache, the 150cc ESurge, the RTR series (RTR 160 and RTR 180) and the 4V series (RTR 160 4V and RTR 200 4V, all of these were developed with one focus – performance.

All that has led to the Apache RR 310 or the culmination of 36 years of racing experience as they call it, a motorcycle meant to do it all, be it long-distance touring or some hot laps around the track. And that is the reason why it was our motorcycle of choice for this project of ours called #tRacingTheRoots, where we went around India riding to and on the 3 tracks of India (Sholavaram, the 4th one is not in use anymore).

And here's the current fleet of TVS Racing's road-racing motorcycles:

The flagship from the TVS stable deserved a racing series of its own and thus came the RR Cup under One Make Championship in 2018. The maiden season was highly successful and the 2019 race-spec Apache RR 310 is even more sinister. Only the best among the best racers will get to fight it out in the second season of the cup. The race-tuned RR310 gets a 313cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine that makes 42 PS@10300 rpm. The engine is fitted with a fuel injection system with 40 mm throttle body. The motorcycle boasts of a top speed of over 175 km/h!

The TVS Apache GP 165 R is no ordinary racing motorcycle. It is one of the most successful racing motorcycles in India with 6 Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship (INMRC) titles under its chassis. The Apache GP 165 R is powered by a 4 stroke, liquid-cooled single-cylinder SOHC engine.

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition is the machine of choice for the TVS Apache RTR One Make Cup. It is powered by a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, oil-cooled, 4 valve engine with a power of 24PS @ 9300 rpm. It boasts a top speed of 145 km/h. It is also equipped with slipper clutch, modified camshaft, retuned front and rear shocks, race-tuned intake and exhaust system, retuned carburettor, and optimized ignition system.