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Thread: #inConversation with K.Y. Ahamad

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    Default #inConversation with K.Y. Ahamad

    xBhp: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

    K.Y. Ahamad: My name is KY Ahamad. I am based out of Chennai and been racing for the past 6 years. Currently, I race in the Supersport 165cc category. And this year I will be racing in the TVS Apache RR310 One Make series.

    xBhp: When did you start racing?

    K.Y. Ahamad: I started racing from the age of 15 years, I got selected into the TVS Racing team post my performance in the TVS One-Make Championship. That is when they took me under their wing and selected me as their rider for the National Championship.

    xBhp: What has been your biggest achievement in your racing career so far?

    K.Y. Ahamad: There have been quite a few good things that happened to me in my career. Being spotted by TVS Racing, being selected for the TVS Racing factory team in the National Championship and such. But my biggest achievement was the first International podium that I got at the Thailand Circuit. It was an amazing feeling and I was ecstatic about it. Apart from that, getting selected in the Asia Talent Cup for Moto3 Championship was a really big opportunity for me. So, these two are my most memorable achievements in my career so far.

    xBhp: How has TVS Racing helped you in your career as a motorcycle racer?

    K.Y. Ahamad: TVS Racing has been instrumental in my racing career as they have given me the opportunity to be a part of the TVS Racing factory team and represent them in the National Championship. They have helped me a lot in both the National Championship and my opportunities abroad. They sent me abroad for practice, training and even racing. Because of TVS Racing, we riders are not only getting a chance to showcase our talent in the National Championship but in championships and races abroad as well.

    xBhp: How do you prepare yourself for racing mentally and physically?

    K.Y. Ahamad: I have learnt that racing needs a lot of training and so, that is what I do. I train at the gym, I go cycling whenever possible and I go swimming as well. This has helped me increase my stamina and endurance. These attributes help a racer to go the race distance at their full potential lap by lap. Another key aspect is riding practice. So, I try to ride as much as I can and we also try to simulate race conditions in order to be better prepared for the actual race. I also go riding on the dirt track because that helps a rider a lot in terms of maintaining the control of the motorcycle even in adverse conditions. For mental fitness, we do cognitive exercises to build a stronger focus because that is something that you need in the complete duration of the race. Being fast just for while does not help in a race, so consistency is also very important. With TVS taking care of our training as well, I am getting stronger both mentally and physically.

    xBhp: What do you like the most about the Apache GP 165R?

    K.Y. Ahamad: The bike has been customized as per my requirement and TVS Racing team has done a fantastic job in developing a mean machine for me. The bike is light and easy to manoeuvre at the tracks with a good grip on the tyres. I love everything about the bike as it boasts power and stability; it’s a uniquely powerful machine.

    xBhp: What is your next target?

    K.Y. Ahamad: My focus is to win the National Championship, so I am preparing myself towards it. My journey has been a successful one so far and I would like to keep my momentum going. I have a lot to learn and experience at the tracks now; TVS Racing is helping in every step and hopefully, I will get there soon.

    xBhp: What has been the most difficult phase in your motorcycle racing career so far?

    K.Y. Ahamad: I have just started racing; everything is a learning experience for me now. In racing, you fall multiple times but the key is to get back on the bike immediately and learn from your mistakes. You should not lose your focus and control over your bike. If you can manage to balance that you will win half of the race.
    xBhp: What do you think is the biggest deterrent for the growth of motorsport in India?

    K.Y. Ahamad: Most riders find it very difficult to find sponsors for themselves here in India. As factory racers for TVS Racing, things are comparatively easier for other private racers. In India currently racing is in a very niche stage, but things are changing slowly as people are getting to know the sports thanks to corporates like TVS Motor who support the sport and encourage talent in the field. People think racing is a dangerous sport and one can’t make a career in this. But if one wears proper gear and helmet it can save them from anything. There are proper tracks in India where one can practice and platforms like One Make Championships give them the visibility required.

    xBhp: Do you have any tips for upcoming racers?

    K.Y. Ahamad: Practice and perseverance are the keys to success in motorcycle racing. Train hard, never stop, believe in yourself and just keep trying to reach where you want to be.
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