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Thread: Trackday : 12th July 2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel View Post
    2:15 on a zma which is tweeked is very good, if this was rightly timed.
    The group B guys now clock sub 2:05s on factory RTRs and R15s. So you can imagine whats the pace needed now.
    All the buggers have gone to next levels of riding these days and its hard to find a slow rider.
    Looks like you'll had some good fun.
    Sometime, the chennai and bangalore guys can have a track day. It will be some super fun.
    wow thats damn fast... i am sure ppl have found a totally different racing line in one or two corners..... its totally amazing as to how much u can improve by just doing a few things differently at few points... guess by the time i come back to india i wudve definitely lost a lot of ground and would need to start from scratch to get somewhere remotely close the pace....

    Quote Originally Posted by prafultripathy View Post
    Thank dude!

    Lets the good 'old' times roll!

    We'll have a trackday once your back for holidays sometime...
    I just hope that day comes soon dude.......i just hope my course schedule permits me to take a break and come and to india at the end of first year or so... but looking at my seniors here...i see that the chances are bleak... There is so much of work to be completed in so little time....So i am jus gonna pray that ill get a break sometime in the next 6 to 8 months months or so.....Lets see wut happens....

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    I so envy all you guys
    Thats cool riding btw

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