It had to happen sooner or later, that someone would put in a couple of batteries to power a motorcycle and we’d all go “wow, now why didn’t I think of that?” Well, we didn’t but GENXT Power India, a Mumbai based firm definitely did to come up with GENXT Power X, an electric-powered motorcycle. Bertrand D’souza rode one to get his senses jolted.

In my two and a half years with OVERDRIVE as road tester I have had the opportunity to ride many a motorcycle - from the humble Avanti Kobra moped to the monstrous V-Max, with dozens thrown in between. But nothing quite prepared me for an electric bike experience and especially one that looks, feels and rides like the GENXT Power X, India’s first ever electric powered motorcycle.

The Power X is the latest phenomenon to hit Mumbai city. The primary manufacturer is Mintage Electro Equipments Ltd, who in a joint venture with GENXT Power India Ltd and under the watchful and enterprising eye of Vishwas Panse who heads GENXT as president, have designed and developed the Power X.

Mintage Electro Equipments have been making engineering electrical components especially batteries, inverters and electric motors for just over a decade. The company has a strong R&D background with continuous developments keeping them well abreast of national and international trends. They have also acquired patents for their technology, primarily for inverter circuits, charging circuits and battery technology. Though the core competency of the company lies in the electrical components field, GENXT which is a sister concern of Mintage has been working on the electric bike for the last ten years. Why such a long time? Cause battery technology earlier had not advanced to the stage wherein a stack of batteries was small enough to fit within a motorcycle yet made no compromises whatsoever on power delivery. It is commendable that the company has had no prior automotive history, nor have they formed any technical or financial alliance with any Indian or multinational collaborator. For such a manufacturer to come up with the PowerX is surely a feat worthy of mention.

At first glance the Power X is quite impressive. The styling cues clone the lines and curves of the CBZ. Besides panels and accessories sourced from the CBZ parts bin, there are a few lifted off the Pulsar. Details such as the tank and seat have been revised, which besides making for a big bike feel also makes provisions for a hybrid version that could run on both petrol and electricity. A low handlebar and rearset footrests complement the crouch forward riding stance. Switchgear is minimal and incorporates a speedo and odo but most importantly an energy gauge that indicates remaining charge in the batteries.

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