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Thread: BBC: Luxury bikes defy slump in India

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    Default BBC: Luxury bikes defy slump in India

    Expensive motorbikes and cars are exceeding sales targets in India despite the global economic crisis.

    The market for most luxury items remains volatile, but firms such as Harley Davidson and Nissan are pushing ahead with ambitious new product launches.

    Supriya Menon reports from Mumbai.
    SOURCE: BBC NEWS | Business | Luxury bikes defy slump in India
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    Default no wonder!!

    india has had her own, down to earth economy, that, until 5 decades back , was self sufficient.
    to this day, step out of mumbai/bangalore and you d see all the hinterland of india has nothing to do with hondas/allen sollies and even godrej.
    they have a home grown industry that makes/assembles locally everything from needle/alpins to pc cabinets let alone clothes, tyres and clutch cables if not a pentium.
    this economy has strong roots that doesn t hesitates to call a spade a spade.
    it would never go on speculative inflation , be it real estates or gaay-dhor(cattles). they know what they are worth as in, how much a buffalo eats and how much milk it yields an year, and so what cost is just right for it when the cost of milk is known to them. they dont need an ivy league graduate to sell the product. they know their market and its puschasing capacity.
    they didn t heavily invest in the tell tales of an ailing economy and therefore, while it was totally gloomy in navi mumbai or magarpatta, these residents wondered what has hit the country that every news mag is talking about and still they can not feel it.
    when they harvest, which is twice a year usually, they purchase, they build, they even undergo that long in the wings surgery.
    they travel, they eat while they are in neighbouring town and they pay debts.
    this turns indian economy.
    doctors earn, sellers earn, teachers earn and eventually economy ticks.
    this india specific cycle was un-disrupted when global recession hit.
    on the contrary, it gave rich indians an oppurtunity to magnify their holdings globally by acquiring businesses / properties etc at throw away and garage sale prices.
    harley??? i say bring on veyrons too.

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    ^^^Very well said. I liked the veyron thing. lmao. It takes ages to understand the Indian economy
    From variable Bhps to a constant 17.6 Bhp.

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