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NIDian makes motorbike from old Luna

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  • NIDian makes motorbike from old Luna

    Standing proudly on the campus of National Institute of Design (NID) is a classic-look motorcycle, designed by a student of the institute, demonstrating that it doesn't take a 1000cc engine to impress motorcycle fans.

    Combining his passion for motorcycles with his academic project, a final year student of product design at NID, Danish Rizvi, dismantled his Luna and hunted around junkyards to design a complete chopper-styled motorcycle powered by the 50cc engine of his old Luna. Drawn from the old school of designs, Rizvi's motorcycle sticks to just the basics. With a shock-absorbing single seat, a hard-tailed frame and a custom made spring suspension system which completes the retro look, the motorcycle is an eyecatcher.

    Rizvi says, "My idea behind this project is to demonstrate the use and reuse of material. This motorcycle is made from parts bought from junk market. I collected old PVC pipes and welded them to make the frame. The engine and the wheels are from my old Luna. I have collected springs and pipes to make front forks, shock absorbers, silencer and the head lamps."

    The machine has cost Rizvi barely Rs 2,500. Explaining the advantages of his design, Rizvi said, "The basic design is not only a beauty in its own way but is also light. Weighing just around 20 kg, the vehicle has a mileage of more than 70 km per litre of petrol".

    "We are glad to see such designs coming from our students which reflect their sensitiveness to environmental issues," said NID's coordinator of product design department Baskar M R Bhatt.

    Read more: NIDian makes motorbike from old Luna - The Times of India NIDian makes motorbike from old Luna - The Times of India

    Source: NIDian makes motorbike from old Luna - The Times of India
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    no pics...

    My offerings to the gods of speed -

    - KTM Duke 200
    - Yamaha RXZ 5 speed


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      wondering that given an chance he might turn my apache150 to an ducati using scrap materials..
      good news yet no pics thats an let down


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        This thread needs pics...
        My thoughts are subjected to personal experiences/internet articles. Please read my comment carefully before replying. :)


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          Can v have pics of this bike?


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