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Thread: YZF-R125 for 13 to 15 years old Riders!!

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    Cool YZF-R125 for 13 to 15 years old Riders!!

    Yamaha Motor Australia intends to launch a one model race series aimed at attracting new riders to road racing and unearthing the next Casey Stoner. In order to kickstart this concept we seek serious expressions of interest.

    The YZF-R125 race series concept is aimed at riders 13 to 15 years old. And unlike other one model series, the playing field is designed to be entirely level and all hassles normally associated with road racing are removed. All you do is turn up and ride.

    The race bike will be a modified YZF-R125 - developed along the same lines as the Italian R125 Cup series bikes. The concept is that the Australian based Yamaha Racing Development team builds, supports, runs, transports and maintains the race bikes. Riders are only required to supply their own transport, accommodation, evening meals and a mechanically capable helper.

    Everything else required for racing - including fuel and one set of Dunlop control tyres per round - is paid for by each rider at the start of the season. The only extra cost would be crash repairs.
    The plan is that YRD builds the race bikes and maintains them between events. YRD will also transport the bikes to and from events, pay entry fees, take care of garaging and will provide a crew chief to oversee the helpers, a set up/suspension technician, a tyre fitter/general helper to support the other staff and a trainer/rider co-ordinator to help the riders with racecraft and technique. YRD will also provide catering at the circuit for breakfast/lunch/refreshments on race day.

    The proposed fee for entering one race series is $17,000 per rider

    Major benefits of the YZF-R125 race series :

    * Rider just turns up and rides, bike and tyres supplied
    * No cheating possible due to key lottery arrangement. All bikes run the same specs
    * No big spenders allowed - level playing field.
    * Emphasis is firmly on racecraft and rider skills
    * Reliable, well built, race capable YZF-R125 base model
    * One off fee - no spiralling costs or nasty surprises (no need to buy or sell motorcycles)

    Yamaha call for expressions of interest for YZF-R125 race series

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