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Supercharged streetfighters Kawasaki Z H2 and Z H2 SE launched in India

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  • Supercharged streetfighters Kawasaki Z H2 and Z H2 SE launched in India

    After being launched in other markets a while back, India is also finally getting the supercharged streetfighters! Kawasaki has launched the Z H2 and the Z H2 SE in India at INR 21.9 Lakh (Ex-showroom) and INR 25.9 lakh (Ex-Showroom), respectively.

    The design of the bikes, as we discussed when the Z H2 was first unveiled, is quite aggressive. The design is also sharp in a few places but the front fascia is dominated by the size of the engine which makes the bike look big and muscular. LED headlamps, fang-like DRLs, are helped by the flyscreen to make the design flow. Underneath the minimal bodywork sits the bespoke trellis frame which is finished in the famous Kawasaki green.

    While both the variants have only one available colour scheme- Black/Green- the SE variant gets its belly pan finished in green and also, the seat on the SE is stitched in green. Those are the only differences visually, but mechanically, there's quite a bit that separates the base Z H2 from the SE.

    Starting with the engine, both the variants are powered by the famous supercharged, 998cc, inline-4 engine. The peak power figure says 200 bhp which is comparable to mist superbikes. Kawasaki has stated that the engine despite being similar to the one that powers the Ninja H2, is tuned differently to aid better low and mid-range grunt.

    Coming to the bits that differentiate the base Z H2 from the SE, the first one is the suspension. The Z H2 makes do with fully-adjustable Showa Separate Function Big Piston Fork and a Showa Uni-track monoshock at the rear. The SE however, with the same hardware, also makes use of Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension with Showa's Skyhook technology.

    Braking is another department where the base Z H2 and the SE are properly demarcated. The base Z H2 gets Brembo M4.32 calipers while the SE gets the Stylema brakes from Brembo.

    All of that power would be difficult to tame and so, both the Z H2 variants feature a host of rider aids. First, there are the riding modes- Road, Rain, Sport, and Rider. The last one is customizable in accordance with what the rider demands of his motorcycle.

    Then there are the power modes namely- Full (200 bhp), Mid (148 bhp), and Low (98 bhp) to provide even more granular control of how the rider wants their bike to behave. In addition to these modes, there are other aids such as Kawasaki Launch Control, Traction Control, and Cruise Control etc.

    A full-TFT display can be found onboard which along with the controls on the handlebar should provide the rider with an easy way to manage all the electronics and other settings of the motorcycle. The module is also Bluetooth-enabled with which you can pair your smartphone with the motorcycle and then, with the Kawasaki Rideology app, make use of features like GPS navigation.

    Both, the Kawasaki Z H2 and Z H2 SE are built to order which translates to the buyer having to make the full payment while booking itself. Considering the rather affordable price and the features one gets in returns in addition to that gem of a supercharged mill, we reckon most people won't have any problems with that.

    More information here.