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Triumph Daytona 660 unveiled; more than just a faired Trident

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  • Triumph Daytona 660 unveiled; more than just a faired Trident

    The Daytona is back! Well, sort of. After the Trident 660 and Tiger 660, many of us thought that those two would be the only motorcycles on the 660 platform. After all, Triumph has historically been not too keen on faired motorcycles. Since not too long ago though, the internet was abuzz with rumours of the Daytona name making a comeback on the 660 platform. Finally, the Triumph Daytona 660 has been unveiled and while it may not be all that people were expecting, it is certainly more than just a faired Trident.

    The new Daytona is the British marquee's first faired motorcycle after the original Daytona 675. Starting with the engine, the 660cc triple is a familiar mill but it makes 95 bhp of power and 69 Nm of torque making it the most powerful iteration of the 660cc triple so far. In terms of comparison with the Trident 660, the new Daytona makes 14 bhp more power and 4 Nm more torque than its naked sibling.

    Predictably, there are a lot of similarities to the Trident 660 as well; the frame, the wheels, and a lot of other cycle parts. That said, the Daytona 660 gets higher-spec brakes complete with radially mounted callipers. In terms of riding modes as well, the new Daytona gets an additional Sport along with Road and Rain modes seen on the Trident 660 and the Tiger 660. With all that added visual bulk, there's also some added real bulk. The Daytona 660 weighs 201 kg which is around 12 kilograms more than the Trident 660.

    In terms of ergonomics, the Daytona 660 is as far from the original 675 as it could be. It has much more relaxed ergonomics with footpegs set not too high up and the clip-ons mounted on the top of the fork tops for a much more relaxed rider's triangle. The riding position is sportier than the Trident but much more relaxed compared to the original Daytona. Another difference is found in the tyres; the new Daytona gets Michelin Power 6 tyres compared to Road 5 found on the Tiger 660 and Trident 660.

    As is the case with all Triumph motorcycles, one can also expect a wide range of accessories such as a Bluetooth module, luggage, protection, and a bi-directional quickshifter. We can also 'hope' for a sportier R variant in the future which may be able to soothe the souls of at least some of the naysayers and Daytona purists. We can expect the newDaytona to come to our shores sometime in 2024. Considering how impressive the Trident 660 turned out to be, we cannot wait to swing a leg over the new Daytona!

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    Not launching in India anytime soon!
    A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

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      for what it's worth, everyone i know who tried it say it was not as fun as the previous gen/older versions of it... of course, until one tests it out on the streets or the long, open roads and does wide open throttle, you can't really judge it, but let's see what this season and the rest of the year brings for Triumph!!