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The NYC Motorcycle Show 2009- a review?

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  • [SlideShow]: The NYC Motorcycle Show 2009- a review?

    It has been a while since I was on the forums. But I bring news from freezing New York City where I currently reside. In a city which is really not friendly to bikers, the Motorcycle show is very welcome and I was determined not to miss it this year like I did last year!!

    It wasn't as big as the car show that I went to last year but it was big enough. The biggies were all there- Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, BMW, Harley Davidson/Buell, Victory and some surprises like Kymco, Can-am and Royal Enfield! There lot of choppers, custom bike shops and a BMX stunt team (E3) to entertain the crowds. It was one fun day at the show and sitting on every new bike just was as orgasmic as painful 'cos I am yet to get me a bike in this country.

    The release of the day was definitely Honda's chopper (which was oh so comfortable as much it was delicious) called the Fury. A mass produced 1300 cc V-twin chopper? Yup, that's right. With a shaft drive! The promotion of getting your picture clicked with one's most furious face was just corny though! I believe it comes out later this year.
    Also at the Honda stables was the automatic DN-01, touted as the crossover bike- looks rather futuristic and practical at the same time but would a hardcore biker use it as a primary bike? Not me.

    Kawasaki showed off its impressive line up of Ninjas an Vulcans and the new 250R is really bang for buck! What was interesting about this side of the show was the stickers by Kawasaki showing how much fuel efficient these bikes were. Check this out- a ZX10R gives about 38 mpg = 16 kmpl approx! The weird looking Versys is actually impressive (with critical acclaim!) and the 650R seemed so nice to straddle all day long- as much as the milder 250.

    Yamaha was there with its all new sexy line up of R1s, R6s, FZs, V-maxes, Star cruisers and special edition bikes. Victory is a 10 year old American company but it made its presence felt with some massive all-American cruisers in its lineup with some custom mods from Arlen Ness himself! Harley showed American power with its cruisers and Buell streetbikes. KTM also floored quite a few with its absolutely tasty offerings- and to see the range of different Dukes was quite striking.

    Remarkably (and understandably) the delicious Italians had smaller spaces to themselves but it did not take away anything from what they had to offer- from the all new Streetfighter and Monster in the Ducati stables to the stunning Shiver by Aprilia.

    Quite a few had carbon fiber versions of their regular bikes which was quite appreciable. The V-max, Hypermotard, Buells, Gladius were just a few of them.

    It was a good show...with some tricks from the BMX team keeping spirits up. So, since I couldnt upload pics here, here is the link to the whole album:
    Picasa Web Albums - Anuranjan - Motorgasmic

    A small video in low res of the BMX guys:
    YouTube - E3 BMX Snippets from NYC Motorcycle Show

    Ride safe!
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    News Approved.


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      excellent photos , the R1 in yellow looks great [wish it was 08 model ],

      the ninja 250r seems to having a little diff paint job ,do u have more pics of it ?


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        wow i really wish i cold visit a motorcycle show

        i agree about the fact that the zx10r gives 16kmpl
        i own a 08 10r and weigh quite a bit hehehe and i get 13.5kmpl if i were lighter to the average joes weight it shoulg give close to 16


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          nice pics there. liked the doodled ducati monster
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            Originally posted by kar1zma View Post
            wow i really wish i cold visit a motorcycle show

            i agree about the fact that the zx10r gives 16kmpl
            i own a 08 10r and weigh quite a bit hehehe and i get 13.5kmpl if i were lighter to the average joes weight it shoulg give close to 16
            yeah, litre class are known give about 14-17 kmpl, nothing strange about it.

            BTW I think your 13.5 kmpl is related to your driving style, choice of gear, etc. & not Weight!

            Good show, clearly upto the New York Level ...
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