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Thread: TVS Racing to Debut at 2015 Dakar Rally: xBhp News

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    Default TVS Racing to Debut at 2015 Dakar Rally: xBhp News

    TVS Racing, the racing division of TVS Motor Company and Sherco Motorcycles, a French motorcycle manufacturer, specializing in off-road motorbikes have associated to participate in the 2015 Dakar, under the banner of Sherco TVS Rally Factory team.

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    Over the years TVS Racing have participated and won several road racing, motocross and dirt track events. Till today, TVS Racing has maintained an average record of 90% wins in all events the team participated in.

    Sherco Motorcycles are known for their extremely popular trial bikes, enduro and super moto bikes.
    Under the association, two international riders namely Alain Dulcos and Fabien Planet, both of French origin will represent the Sherco TVS Rally Factory team and compete in the forthcoming Dakar.

    About Riders:
    Alian Dulcos had his first encounter with the Dakar in 1982. At 29, he participated for the first time in the Dakar Rally and France Enduro Championship in the same year, after having made tremendous strides for an amateur. Despite not being able to ride and prepare as much as he would like, Alain was soon noticed by the best in the sport. he was named national champion with France 1 Team Husaberg .
    In 2004, he created his own company moto drive to participate in the championship of France of enduro. Later he signed a contract with Sherco Motorcycles.

    Fabien Planet is 32 year rally professional. He won the World championship title one time and 17 other podium. He race for Sherco Motorcycles and will be representing Sherco TVS Rally Factory team in Dakar 2015.

    Announcing the association at a press conference in Bangalore, Arvind Pangaonkar, Head of TVS Racing said,

    We are building further on the success of TVS Racing. The racing motorcycles, christened RTR 450, will be more competitive, lightweight and equipped with highly reliable 450cc engines developed and manufactured by the team at Sherco Motorcycles along with TVS Racing specifically for the 2015 Dakar Rally. The bikes will have a better overall design with a new fairing and several additional upgrades that enhance the bikes ride handling.
    Under this special racing arrangement, engineers from TVS Racing will be working alongside the team from Sherco and its racing affiliates (Mac Racing, Michelin, Selle Dalla Valle, Moto Master, Exact and F2r) at the 2015 Dakar.
    About Dakar: The 2015 Dakar is scheduled to be held between 3rd January 2015 and 17th January 2015 in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. The Dakar Rally is the ultimate motorcycling challenge. Nothing is really tougher than racing for two weeks across these incredibly hostile environments. Learnings are bound to be huge.

    Arvind Pangaonkar, Head of TVS Racing added.

    Both riders of the Sherco TVS Rally Factory team have been practicing hard and are confident of an emphatic showing at the 2015 Dakar.
    Through this arrangement, our engineers will get hands-on experience and deeper understanding of international racing programs and improve the competitiveness of TVS Racing. TVS Racing experience is the basis for developing high performance motorcycles for our customers.
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    Default Re: TVS Racing to Debut at 2015 Dakar Rally: xBhp News

    News Approved

    A very big deal for an Indian manufacturer to participate at the highest level of motorsports.

    Congrats TVS

    Other than the above, TVS also let us have a few more interesting nuggets about their Dakar 2015 adventure.

    The RTR 450 to be used by the team are Enduro bikes developed by Sherco with a lot of inputs from TVS Racing, as engineers from the two companies have been visiting each other's factory to gain from the knowledge and R&D of the other. Even though the announcement of the tie-up has been announced now, development work has been on going for some time now.

    For the Dakar Rally, besides having a great engine, the other important components for development are the suspension and fuel tank. The fuel tank is not just placed in the front of the bike, but also on the rear and sides of the motorcycle. The fuel from the rear tank is pumped to the front tank via the side tanks, this is done as the bikes carry a lot of fuel and such a large quantity of fuel cannot be stored at the front only without upsetting the balance and dynamics of the motorcycle. Incase of a crash the fuel supply to the damaged tank will automatically be shut off to ensure that there is no chance of a fire. The RTR 450 was tested by the team in France where the average speeds being clocked was close to 180 kmph with top speeds of 215+ kmph!

    Unpredictability is the biggest challenge of the Dakar Rally and it will give the engineers of TVS to work in an extremely flexible manner to face those challenges that are thrown at them by the inhospitable terrain. Because of this terrain the bikes use tubes which are almost puncture resistant and end up consuming 50 sets of tyres over the 9000 km of the rally.

    On being asked why has TVS Racing's former rider CS Santosh not been given a chance to move up to the Dakar Rally stage with the company, we were told that the objectives of the company and the rider are different. TVS is doing this for the first time in a bid to learn and train their engineers on a much higher level and for that they have selected to very experienced riders. Santosh on the other hand requires an experienced team to start with so that he can hit the ground running and exploit his full potential.
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    Default Re: TVS Racing to Debut at 2015 Dakar Rally: xBhp News

    Its a good thing that an indian motorcycle brand is participating in Dakar Rally.

    If only they could do it on their own bike.....

    Btw, i never heard of Sherco Motorcycles.

    And is it a misprint or the rider is 60+ years old.

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    Default Re: TVS Racing to Debut at 2015 Dakar Rally: xBhp News

    Amazing feat for TVS. All the best for them!

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    Default Re: TVS Racing to Debut at 2015 Dakar Rally: xBhp News

    A proud moment indeed; I still remember a TVS racing ad in one of the Bike India issue - a dirt/motocross Apache with a 250cc mill. Splendid!
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    Default Re: TVS Racing to Debut at 2015 Dakar Rally: xBhp News


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