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Thread: AIIMS To Develop Low Cost Helmet for India

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    Default Re: AIIMS To Develop Low Cost Helmet for India

    Quote Originally Posted by TheArcher84 View Post
    Members here or people elsewhere can continue to bring down this motive by their skeptical comments though. If people who doesnt wear the helmets even after imposing any kind of rule, you cant change them. But any common man who once becomes afraid that he might loose his life becoause he doesnt have a lid on his head, will definitely buy good products or try to adhere to the rule.

    Its just time people here and elsewhere educate themselves and not throw such negative comments. Rather welcome it. Create awareness about it. There a n number of rides conducted for racism and other things...why dont people who rant about this "low-quality" go on ride to create awareness rather than for a pleasure ride of his own.
    Archer, you could not be more right. I have always evangelized the need for all kinds of protective gear because I have crashed and spent time comatose in a hospital particularly because I wasn't wearing my helmet. But I have found and you will also find that ignorance is often willful. Most people who buy the Rs.250 roadside helmets, keep them purely to avoid the fines from their traffic thulla. They will probably not buy a Rs.750-1000 higher quality helmet because it will protect them better. Deep down inside, we all believe we are better riders/drivers than we actually are.

    Having said that, if there is such a ride, count me in.

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    Default Re: AIIMS To Develop Low Cost Helmet for India

    Quote Originally Posted by Bornagainbiker View Post
    Having said that, if there is such a ride, count me in.
    I wish the GTGs which are planned for meeting one-other can be turned into such awareness campaign. People dont just follow when you tell them first time. Either they are ignorant or too heavy-headed to hear others opinion.

    If we talk about safety and other aspects, spreading this awareness through a ride from xBhp would be an ideal start. Its upto others as well to pool in their opinion in the respective GTG thread and not rant here.

    Going a little OT here. We would like to see every biker on the road with ATGATT. But thats not going to happen soon. Atleast a basic education to them about Helmet is not going to degrade us by any means. We may be seen as stupid to this societey, but if such awareness campaign goes on in all the cities for quite a while, people and even Traffic police will encourage this.
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