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Valentino Rossi Vs Motobot - Who is faster?

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  • Valentino Rossi Vs Motobot - Who is faster?

    Valentino Rossi vs MOTOBOT? A motorcycle race between a robot and human? Seriously?

    Yes, the time will soon come where robots will jump onto a motorcycle and challenge the human race to a race! Soon we will be watching a "RoboGP" races among robots riding a motorcycle on the track hitting more than 200 km/h.

    Artificial Intelligence technology has made massive strides in the recent past where concepts of science fiction movies like I, Robot are becoming reality. Starting from 'ASIMO' a humanoid robot from 1980's to SOPHIA an advanced AI women robot who received Saudi citizenship in 2017. The AI development has shown a tremendous evolution in comparison to the human ability in terms of analysis and deriving quick solutions. Will the same work on a motorcycle? Well, let's see what Yamaha's MOTOBOT thinks about it!

    MOTOBOT is a humanoid robot capable of autonomously riding a motorcycle around a racetrack.

    Yamaha has tested the new 'Motobot Ver.2' against the legendary motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi's lap time. What was the result and what is Yamaha aiming for in the future?

    At first, Yamaha exhibited the MOTOBOT Ver.1 at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015. Yamaha said MOTOBOT will help to develop advanced rider safety systems, and the task of controlling the complex motions of a motorcycle at high speeds requires a variety of control systems that must function with a high degree of accuracy. This is the next step in Yamaha's development of AI. Its hardware and software for autonomous riding were repeatedly reviewed and revised, leading to the creation of Ver. 2.

    By 2017, Yamaha exhibited its updated version 'Motobot Ver.2' at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017. In September 2017, one of the project’s milestones was reached as MOTOBOT successfully hit speeds exceeding 200 km/h. MOTOBOT then attempted to better the lap time set by MotoGP star, Valentino Rossi at Thunderhill Raceway Park, USA.

    The below videos will show the background to the project, the technology behind the updated MOTOBOT Ver. 2, and the future that Yamaha is aiming for.

    The latest video which shows the MOTOBOT taking on Valentino Rossi's lap time on the track:

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    Re: Valentino Rossi Vs Motobot - Who is faster?

    Coming soon: Bot Racing League !


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      Re: Valentino Rossi Vs Motobot - Who is faster?

      So, Motobot is 32+ seconds late, in a race Rossi might have even taken casually.
      Rider Journalists often clock times around 15-25 seconds late (per lap) than MotoGP stars, in an unprepared, test ride state.

      Unscientific comparison, I know. But, you know what that means? It means first Motobot has to match the commmon racers, before he takes on Rossi.

      I think it will take a few years for Motobot to catch Rossi.

      The reason is that a lot of racing is in the details, details about when you stay in grip, when you lose grip, when you lock brakes, etc. and none of these features are constant, because a cold tyre locks up easier than a warm/ hot one. Plus grip levels change with tyre mileage, a worn out tyre giving lesser life.

      A human like you or me, understands this easily and adjusts (though not with same accuracy as Rossi).
      A human also learns automatically, with practice, by locking up tyres, playing with grip, experimenting, etc.

      Bring in an external factor like dampness, or rain, and you will not place your money on the dumb robocop.

      To make a machine learn all this, you have to have a whole lot of sensors, and riding adjustment modes. Yes, riding modes for motobot, as to how aggressively it rides on the track, one with more than 16 steps if possible, from most aggressive for dry conditions to least aggressive for wet or bad tyres.
      Because you can't feed each braking point and re-acceleration point every time the temperature & weather changes...

      Still, I hopefully said "Few years", because even motorcycles have amazing electronics nowadays.
      They can contribute to reduce Motobot's mistakes...
      For example, teach Motobot to squeeze the brakes constantly, because the R1m has ABS, isn't it?

      So, future ain't that bad for our tin can friend.
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