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Thread: Rotary engine returns : 200 BHP, 136 Kgs!

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    Icon1 Rotary engine returns : 200 BHP, 136 Kgs!

    How does this sound? Insane, right! An engineer from Norton decided to do all of us a favour and gives the world a blast of an engine - "dubbed the CR700P, is a 700cc twin-rotor engine, which pumps out 200bhp at 11,000rpm and has a peak torque of 110ftlb at 9500rpm. The engine casting is taken from the Norton RCW588 race bike, but Crighton, the savant engineer in question, has made significant changes."

    Rotary engines are significantly different from the 'regular' internal combustion engines that we are used to. For one they are lighter, have no engine braking and make significantly more power with lesser moving parts. Have a look here to understand what Rotary Engines are. In
    fact the Mazda RX7 was one of the most successful rotary engine driven vehicles.

    reports : The new bike will be built in partnership with Rotron, a rotary specialist where Crighton works in R&D. After an injection of funding, the intention is to produce 100 of these featherweight powerhouses in track trim, with a road-going version to follow.

    We are of course more excited about the road going version, but we're sure it's not going to be cheap!

    Another challenge, which they think they can overcome, is to make them Euro 4 compliant.

    The weight of the engine and subsequently the bike is reduced by the fact that a new design will allow Crighton to water-cool the inside of the crankshaft, which will bring the temperatures down considerably. And the intercooler can be chucked, reducing the weight.

    Components like 7000 series Aluminum swingarm and carbon
    fibre are also being used to make the bike even more crazy.

    Source : MCN

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    Default Re: Rotary engine returns : 200 BHP, 136 Kgs!

    Whats the oil change interval? Every 200 miles?

    Four reasons why the rotary engine is currently dead

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    Pulsar AS 200 2016 - 20??

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    Thumbs up Re: Rotary engine returns : 200 BHP, 136 Kgs!

    If we have less weight & enough space, we can do a lot about oil capacity, no big deal. Things can be worked out.

    However, it was more notorious for its inefficiency, pollution and exhaust note/flames, somewhat the same complaints as against 2 strokes.

    And say no matter what, Direct Fi or transfer port injection or whatever, but I never saw 2 strokes returning in their full glory, or even half of it (exception:- off road competitions and races).

    Anyhow, eagerly awaiting to see what it will become. I am however getting that "witnessing an epic legend" feeling that I had in 2010, when Kawasaki announced their project, which later turned out to be H2R & H2.

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