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JKNRC 2019 Round 1: Action-packed start to this year’s championship

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  • JKNRC 2019 Round 1: Action-packed start to this year’s championship

    Day 1:

    India’s premier racer Vishnu Prasad and young Chirag Ghorpade sparkled on Day 1 of the 22nd JK Tyre FMSCI National Championship here on Saturday, winning their races in contrasting styles.

    Syed Muzammil Ali proved to be the other hero of the day, cruising to victory in the first round of support race, the JK Tyre Suzuki Gixxer Cup.
    In the revamped opening round of the championship, the focus was on younger talent and they didn’t disappoint with as many as 27 lining up for their first real shot at glory.

    Fourteen-year-old Chirag from Bengaluru, and Momentum Motorsports, was the most impressive, taking the pole position in the morning and winning his first race in the Novice Cup.

    Chirag clocked 13:37.912 minutes to beat the aggressive field by 0.338, leaving his teammate Aaroh Ravindra and Mohamed Ryan (MSport) fighting for the other two places on the podium.

    The youngster, who exhibited speed and skill, brought in his 14th birthday in style, winning Race 2 as well. Aaroh was left chasing him in this race too but Parikshit Dardhalli (DTS Racing) upstaged Ryan for the third place.

    The Formula LGB 4 boasted of a star-studded grid, with seven national champions in fray. The race began as a three-way tussle between Vishnu (MSport), Rohit Khanna (Dark Don Racing) and Ashwin (Dark Don Racing).

    Ashwin shot into the lead, going past MSport’s Sohil Shah who began on pole at the first opportunity. He hung on to the lead all the way to the final lap. But the safety car, that came out a couple of hours earlier, hurt his momentum and saw him slip to the third place.

    Vishnu and Rohit exhibited great speed to overtake him and claim the first two positions.

    Muzammil Ali, another Bengaluru lad, was unstoppable in the Gixxer Cup, shining in the practice rounds, grabbing the pole in the qualifiers and winning the race too. Tanay Gaikwad (Pune) and Amul Angadi (Coimbatore) clinched second and third place in a 31-strong grid.


    JK Tyre Novice Cup (Race 1): 1. Chirag Ghorpade (Momentum Motorsports); 2. Aaroh Ravindra (Momentum Motorsports); 3. Mohamed Ryan (MSport)

    JK Tyre Novice Cup (Race 2): 1. Chirag Ghorpade (Momentum Motorsports); 2. Aaroh Ravindra (Momentum Motorsports); 3. Parikshit Dardhalli (DTS Racing)

    JK Tyre Suzuki Gixxer Cup (Race 1): 1. Syed Muzammil Ali; 2. Tanay Gaikwad; 3. Amul Angadi

    JK Tyre Redbull Road to Rookies (Race 1): 1. Ikshan Shanbag

    LGB Formula 4 (Race 1): 1. Vishnu Prasad (MSport); 2. Rohit Khanna (Dark Don Racing); 3. Ashwin Datta (Dark Don Racing)

    Day 2:

    The Chennai duo of Raghul Rangasamy and Vishnu Prasad brought the opening round of the 22nd JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship to life, splitting dramatic victories in the FLGB-4 category on an action-packed Day 2 here on Sunday.

    The day began with Raghul stealing the thunder but ended with Vishnu streaking to his second last-lap win to spice up the competition. It made for a perfect weekend for their team, MSport, though. The three podium finishes, including his win on Saturday, handed Vishnu the championship lead with a grand total of 28 points.

    All this came along with a lot of post-race drama, with Vishnu first being dislodged from the top before being reinstated again after a series of protests.
    The JK Tyre Novice Cup too saw some heated off-the-track action. Bangalore’s Chirag Ghorpade (Momentum Motorsports) sailed past the chequered flag for the third consecutive time, only to discover that he had made a jump start. He was penalised by 10 seconds that saw him slide all the way down to the eighth position.

    Mohamed Ryan (MSports; Chennai), who had finished second after him, was declared the winner while Aaroh Ravindra (Momentum; Mumbai) moved up one step to take the second position. The change hurt Chirag badly, taking away the overall championship lead from him and yielding it to Aaroh.

    The Suzuki Gixxer Cup was a repeat of Day 1, with Bangalore’s Syed Muzammil Ali scoring an encore, but this time with over 5 seconds to spare. Pune’s Tanay Gaikwad (14:25.458) and Sidharth Sajan (14:27.480) held on to their podium places, in almost identical fashion.

    The JK Tyre Redbull Road to Rookies saw Ikshan Shanbag of Satara underlining his potential with his second straight win. Prashanth R (Chennai) and Aryan Gurav (Pune) took the other two places on the podium.

    A new category for women was also introduced, celebrating the best racer in the LGB-4 bunch. Vadodara’s Mira Erda (MSport) grabbed the honours by finishing ahead of all the women in each of the races.

    Ahura Racing’s duo of Megaa KS and Diana Pundole took the first and second runner’s up trophies in this round.


    LGB Formula 4 (Race 2): 1. Raghul Rangasamy (MSport) 18:28.329; 2. Vishnu Prasad (MSport) 18:31.673; 3. Sandeep Kumar A (Dark Don) 18:32.848

    LGB Formula 4 (Race 3): 1. Vishnu Prasad (MSports) 20:02.742; 2. Raghul Rangasamy (MSport) 20:02.810; 3. Ashwin Datta (Dark Don Racing) 20:05.316;

    JK Tyre Novice Cup (Race 3): 1. Mohamed Ryan (MSports) 23:44.056; 2. Aaroh Ravindra (Momentum Motorsports) 23:47.212; 3. Mihir Avalakki (Birel Art) 23:47.330

    JK Tyre Suzuki Gixxer Cup: 1. Syed Muzammil Ali 14:19.609; 2. Tanay Gaikwad 14:25.458; 3. Sidharth Sajan 14:27.480

    JK Tyre Redbull Road to Rookies: 1. Ikshan Shanbag; 2. Prashanth R 3. Aryan Gurav 14:35.073

    JK Tyre Women's Category (LGB Formula 4): 1. Mira Erda (MSport); 2. Mega K.S (Ahura Racing); 3. Diana Pundole (Ahura Racing)