KTM announces "Compulsory monsoon kit" for MY17-18 Duke 390, avoids calling it a recall.

KTM may not be using the word ‘recall’ here, but customers of the 2017 and 2018 390 Duke have been asked to bring in their bikes for what the company is calling a 'Monsoon Kit Fitment'. This kit involves a new ECU bracket, pillion seat damping bushes and a fix for the headlamp vibration issue many customers have been facing. If necessary, the company will also flash a software update on the bikes that face the issue of the headlamp randomly turning off, a fault that's been public for over a year now. All of these updates will be carried out free of cost.

The new ECU bracket comes with a cover that will protect the unit from water and other elements. The pillion seat damping bushes have been redesigned to increase the gap between the seat and the tail-light, as the older setup led to the cracking of the light with a heavier pillion onboard.

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Picture Credits: Autocar India.


My opinion: Guys, even a protest was announced by few 2017 Duke 390 owners on Xbhp, for some defects/ niggles in their bike. They highlighted each trouble with the bike and it seemed genuine prima facie.

The surprising part is that I own a 2013 model, I know some guys who do too, its still going good as usual, with no big troubles yet... although we did encounter minor niggles.

So, what is your opinion on this monsoon kit?

After going in the details, would you call it a "recall"?