Not too long ago, BMW unveiled a beautiful concept motorcycle called the R18. It got an overwhelming response owing to the delightful retro treatment the bobber from BMW gets. On xBhp as well, a lot of people loved the way the R18 looked. It is probably because of the response that BMW has started taking pre-bookings for the R18. And that is despite the lack of a production version to show for!

Now, we are sure that the R18 is heading for production and the deliveries will begin in 2020. But still, pre-bookings before the unveiling of a production model is confidence in the design... a bit too much of it perhaps. But, from a different perspective, it could also mean that the production version will be very very close to the concept that was unveiled. Another interesting thing is that the motorcycle is available for pre-booking only in France as of now.

BMW has stated that the deposit for the R18 is refundable in case the production version of the model doesn’t meet the expectations or the listed price ends up being too high—another unknown variable in this equation. It is an unusual way of selling a motorcycle but as long as the production version comes out in 2020, we have no qualms... not that we are booking it, or can book it anyway.

About the motorcycle, The classic attributes of the motorcycle come as a result of very careful attention to detail by the designers and the engineers. From the total lack of switchgear to the fishtail exhausts every single detail of the bike has been meticulously considered. The 1800cc flat-twin i.e. Boxer engine has made appearances before this concept as well. Custom Works Zon and Revival Cycles built The Departed and the Birdcage, respectively, around the same engine. But this one, from BMW, is the closest one to production to date.

According to BMW, this motorcycle is a tribute to the original 1936 R5, which spawned a lot of concepts afterwards. The wheels, 21” at the front and 18” at the rear, make for a classic stance and the leaf-shaped seat are a shoutout to the BMWs from the 1950s. The rest of the bike is flush with stylish touches as well such as polished head covers, subtle shading and the teardrop tank. And then there’s the completely open shaft drive, cantilever suspension, open carbs and a tiny LED light nestled between the fork legs that just add to the classic vibe of the BMW R18 Concept.