Suzuki Motorcycles may be the next big manufacturer who's eyeing a piece of the pie in the electric vehicle segment which has been picking up the pace in the recent past. And if the trend is to be believed, it is only going to speed up. But despite that, most of the major manufacturers have been reluctant in jumping the gun and hopping on the EV bandwagon.

Suzuki Motorcycle India MD Koichiro Hirao has confirmed that the company is working on an EV platform for India at least, though doesn’t confirm whether this will take the form of scooter or a motorcycle.

Suzuki's MD has revealed that the company is working on new electric models. And yes, models... that's plural. And with that move, Suzuki might very well be set to become the latest 'big gun' to be working on an electric vehicle range which will include scooters and motorcycles. According to the information, the launch(es) are slated for 2021 in India.

While electric vehicles are taking time to mark their presence in the market, the ICEs haven't had the best of time in the recent past. One of the biggest reasons for that has been the implementation of stricter emission norms and that too in quick succession. Higher displacement motorcycles have been affected the most because of that. In addition to that, the booming EV market in Asia and Europe seem to be luring the manufacturers towards establishing their EV portfolio.

Talking about India, quite a few companies have come up with EV offerings and even the big guns are starting to add their EV models to the increasingly diverse range. A few examples could be the Bajaj Chetak and the iQube from TVS. As a result of that, it is only natural that the international manufactures who have their bases in India are also investigating the possibilities.

Some time ago, we reported that the KTM-Bajaj partnership might spawn a high-performance electric motorcycle. To add to that, rumours also suggest that Husqvarna is working on an electric scooter that will be available worldwide – potentially with a sister model from KTM also being developed – based on the already available Bajaj Chetak. With all of this to look at, we are sure that Honda and Yamaha may also follow suit soon enough.

Coming back to Suzuki, they recently confirmed that they would be slimming its slow-selling Bergman scooter ranges in Europe. This could very well mean that a replacement on an electric platform may come hot on the heels of this decision. With an established manufacturer like Suzuki making their moves in a bid to electrify the motorcycle market, the electric vehicle segment is sure to get a shot in the arm.