BattRe Electric launches internet-connected scooter at Rs 64,990/- Ex Sh.

Technology-driven startup BattRE Electric Mobility on Friday announced the launch of its internet-connected electric scooter 'gps:ie,' priced at Rs 64,990 (ex-showroom). BattRE gps:ie scooter, which is a SIM card based smart vehicle and is accessible through a smart-phone app, will be available at more than 50 dealer locations across Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh as well on online marketplace Amazon, the company said in a release.

Besides, BattRE has also partnered with San Jose (California)-based tech company Aeris Communications, which has its country office in Delhi NCR, for the e-scooter, it said.

Some crucial specs not revealed: While the scooter will be controlled by internet app, its not yet revealed what the top speed of the scooter will be. Its a very crucial step and at this price point, it could as well be 25-40 kmph at best.
One of their scooter does top at 40 kmph, but its a senior model, without so much internet app & gadgetry.


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Company website: BattRE Electric Mobility Pvt Limited

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A lot of known and unknown brands come up every year in the electro-scooter category. Much more effort needs to be done to make these scooters relevant and practical. Most of them are still not a proper market alternative to petrol vehicles. Some like Ather are too expensive and with doubtful privacy situation, others are just not speedy enough.

With 2023 edging near (BS6 phase away), the industry must do something otherwise eventually the second hand market will become huge, compared to the first hand one.