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Thread: EIGHT-PACK ABS For MotorCycles

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    Default EIGHT-PACK ABS For MotorCycles


    Generally, it can be seen that safety technologies on high-end cars take their own sweet time in percolating down to motorcycles – mainly because of the complex engineering involved in miniaturizing the parts to fit a motorcycle. ABS is now a standard feature on most high-end cars yet this highly effective safety device is still a rarity in the motorcycling world. Honda have launched their ABS-equipped CBR1000RR in India a few months back, making it the only bike sold in India with the tech.

    Now, EATA Plast Fabrics, a Mumbai-based company has launched the Saferide ABS unit, a small mechanical unit that eliminates the need for complex electronic monitoring systems and relies on mechanical components to deliver optimum braking under adverse conditions. The Saferide ABS unit comprises of a small piggyback module that is easily attached between the standard caliper mounts and the brake hose of Indian bikes with hydraulic discs. The installation is pretty easy and can be done within 15 minutes by any experienced rider.
    The ABS showed a respectable performance when we hooked it up with our long term Hero Honda Hunk. Our brake test result showed that with the module, the bike took a significantly less time and distance to stop from 80kmph. The front also takes much more effort to lose traction as compared to the standard brakes. Furthermore, rolling stoppies can be executed with greater confidence as the front now doesn’t lock up that easily. The only downside was that the ABS endows the bike with a slightly spongy brake lever feel-nothing bad but it sure takes some time getting used to. At Rs.1000 approx, the Saferide ABS is a steal. Orders can be placed at the company’s website at

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    Topic Already exists and hence Closed
    The Wheel was a great invention; Two Wheels with a Motor in between was even better!

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