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Thread: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

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    Default Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    The Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida recently hosted the 2-day long event, Biking Festival of India, the last day of which saw the presence of Indian Cricket Team Captain MS Dhoni. Dhoni who is a passionate biker himself was also the face of Bike Festival of India. Dhoni also entertained the bikers there as he accompanied them for a ride on the BIC. There was also a special garage for Mahi, which had 12 bikes from his personal collection on display including the very famous and rare model, Hellcat X132 Confederate.

    The 2-day long festival also saw dozens of stunters from around the country performing some jaw-dropping stunts as they participated in the first-ever XDL India Championship, the biggest championship for stunt biking in the world. The winners will also get to participate in the XDL World Championship to be held in 2015.

    The other biking events at the BFI included the Drag Championship and Top Gun (best lap time record at BIC.). Atinder Jeet and Anirudh Rived won the XDL Championship finals, which were being judged by stars of stunt biking, Chris Tice & Aaron Twite. The drag racing championship had 28 participants whereas the Top Gun saw 22 riders battling it on the tracks for a podium finish organized by Rongom Tagore, Founder Elite Octane. The three winners in Top Gun Championship were Imran Khan, Simran, and Gurvinder who recorded the fastest lap time in 3 different categories (250-400CC, 650-800CC, 1000CC and above respectively). Drag Champions announced were Rizwan Khan for two categories and Riyaz Khan recorded the fastest time.

    The were also some scintillating musical performances from leading bands like Parikrama, Midival Punditz, Hari & Sukhmani, and Tides of Nebula amongst others.

    The highlight of course was when Dhoni visited xBhp stall and had a rather long conversation with Old Fox, telling that he himself is present on xBhp as a registered member, though he has never posted but he visits the site often whenever he has time. Later Sunny met him in person and presented him this caricature of his.

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    The Bike Festival of India, in terms of its scale, sits right there at some of the biggest events in the country. Bikes, brotherhood, and music - there was almost eveyrthing that a biker would want out of a festival like this. However, the footfall at the event was definitely less than what a lot of us, including the organizers, had expected. Also there were things that definitely needed better planning. But we can give the benefit of the doubt to the organizers as this was the first iteration of the BFI and surely they must have taken some lessons from it which will help them plan the next BFI in a better way.

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    Default Re: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    Its looking good in pictures
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    Default Re: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    Nice photos...

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    Default Re: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    Wonderful! Bring on the write-up soon
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    Default Re: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    And some more pictures

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    Default Re: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    Awesome pics...what are the bikes from Mahi's stable...can anyone list ...other than the Hellcat.
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    Default Re: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    Nice pics......I am living this event thru these I missed it ..

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    Default Re: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    Ok, I have covered this event officially for Rhiti Sports, one of the organizers , so cant share the pics till I get a green signal from them. But would like to share my experience about BFI.

    From organizing point of view BIC was the best venue one can have with ample amount of space and man-power but as this time the it was not the BIC officials who were handling the management, things went haywire.
    People came on Saturday and even after paying for two days, didn't return on Sunday. I hope this answers what they must have been through.
    The footfall was far less than what was expected. We, being the official photographers didn't have access to important areas to click.
    They focused so much on strictness that they lost the feel of the event.

    May be as Sunil G said, first time always acts as an experience for future events, but from an audience point of view, I will think twice before going to such event.

    P.S : This I have shared as an audience
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    Default Re: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    whats the point of hosting an event when photos cannot be clicked of key areas... besides motorcycles and bunch of people what do they have to hide ?
    most of these events just go good for the organizers or the top of bunch guys. (personal opinion). there is always the other side of all the events which never comes into picture.
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    Default Re: Bike Festival of India - xBhp coverage

    There is a pic saying 'Superbikes on Rent'. Does anyone have any idea what is that? The website with that name shows is its under construction

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