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Thread: stunting modifications

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    Default Re: stunting modifications

    Quote Originally Posted by prateek2210 View Post
    Change the scooter . Easy step
    Haha right
    I also have a pulsar rs200 but I don't want to destroy it by stunting. So I was asking that somehow could I get more power of my activa.

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    Default Re: stunting modifications

    i heard that, some banglore guys will make activa more power, big bore and piston.

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    Default Re: stunting modifications

    Quote Originally Posted by kaey shins View Post
    Guys I'm new to stunting, can you please suggest the modifications required for changing a stock Indian bike into a stuntbike..... Thanks in advance.
    dear kaey,
    first of all let me tell you types of modifiers present.
    first are the tuners and the rest are ricers.
    tuner is a person who indulges in professional modification of his vehicle i.e. increasing hp torque top speed.
    by adding high quality after market products like free flow exhaust system, high intake air filter.
    secondly the ricer, which stands for Racer Indulged in cosmetic enhancement.
    such people are only interested in outer appearance and look rather than performance( most of people in our india are ricers).

    first you must choose which type of modifications you wanna do.
    let me give u a brief idea of it.

    First and most important
    always wear a helmet, elbow and knee guards and a armored jacket before stunting.
    and always practice on closed roads.

    we enthusiasts are die hard lover of motorcycle riding. and these crucial things separates us from the hooligans out there.

    For stunting,
    first modification needed is crash cage or frame slider with rear or subframe cage, which will help you protect your bike and yourself from harm.

    second is high rise handle bars for better positioning which helps in wheelies and stopies

    third is the wheelie bar attached to the rear of your motorcycle.

    these above modifications are enough for stunt riding.

    If you are seriously indulged in modifying the performance of your vehicle then you should consider:

    Changing gearing ratios( smaller front sprocket or bigger rear one is suggested for stunting as it gives a acceleration boost.

    adding free flow exhaust and air filter so that your engine breathes fore freely and remains cool producing slight increase in power.

    Never opt for engine cylinder big bore kits. this modification is the last resort and should be avoided as far as possible as it comes with alot of perks and the cost is not worth.
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