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Thread: My 2010 CBR 1000RR (C-ABS)

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    Default My 2010 CBR 1000RR (C-ABS)

    EDIT : Blade pics on page 8
    Racefit exhaust pics on page 14
    Racefit frowler flybys on page 23

    I am about to post something. That something is gonna be something about the one thing that has smitten me so badly that I am having a tough time comprehending reality, time, space and gravity. I feel like I am on steroids,coke,caffeine,tanine and every other PED out there. My brain refuses to stop processing thoughts about the Fireblade and I refuse to believe that human beings could produce anything as genius as this piece of finely engineered Motorcycle.
    At the very outset, however, I must admit that I have a few things I need to settle with a certain few members of our motorcycling fraternity who through no fault of their own have come to think of the Blade as a 'nice' unentertaining bike. I know exactly where this kinda thinking stems from. Pub lore !!!

    Pub lore is like a zombie plague, irrational, unthinking and unstoppable.

    Allow me to pen a few examples..
    1.Twins make more torque
    2.Supermotos are quicker than Sportbikes.
    3.Fireblades are too 'nice'.
    4.Ken-Cool is actually a bot.
    5.Sunny is richer than Bill Gates.
    6.Sagar has his braking fingers insured for the cost of Keiron Pollard.
    7.TenHut is a noob.

    Each statement wildly inaccurate than the last, except maybe the last one.

    But such is the nature of Pub lore. When one guy tells the other that the Blade is a boring piece of machinery the other tells it to the waiter while ordering his extra cheese on his Pav-Bhaji and soon the entire of restaurant concludes that the Blade sucks balls. I have often propogated such nonsensical pub lore a countless number of times and have all the more been the victim of one myself. Pub lore is fun.

    The living proof that pub lore works is the fact that every tom dick and harry wants an R1. While the R1 is a space shuttle which will get you to the moon and back in its first gear alone( the tallest first gear of all the litre bikes
    R1 =170 kmph,blade = 160 kmph) it has nothing of which you can even remotely expect to use on the streets. The R1 in my eyes has a shortcoming. It is a race bike made legal on the streets by merely adding a set of indicators to it.
    It is like telling an 18 year old kid : " here ...take this bike ride it and suffer the consequences"
    The blade on the other hand is a race track bike which can be ridden on the streets, in the air and on water. When you arent throttling the four cylinder its like the blade is talking to you ; 'Fine, if you’re not going to try to be fast, I won’t, either'

    This bike is unreal, I think Aliens made it, its just out of human perfection league.
    The point is...while you are looking for some feedback from the Blade the Blade is looking for some feedback from you. Its a symbiotic relationship.
    It fits you like a perfect winter glove.
    However, regardless of how many counter arguments you put through the heads of some R1 infidels, they - cla click - just - BAAM - wont - cla click - stay - BAAM - down. They just - cla click - keep coming - BAAM

    Honda’s 2010 CBR1000RR Fireblade is “nice” in only the same way as a precision-manufactured firearm might be. It’s exquisite in the way it goes about what it does, but what it does is brutal.
    BAAM! Wait for the dust and smoke to clear, survey the size of the hole, then look down at the sophisticated piece of hardware which made it; “Nice,” that’s the 2010 Fireblade. To understand the new Fireblade you have to understand Honda Culture. New to the Biking scenario the Honda culture is the only one which I want to make MY culture. I am officially henceforth a die hard Honda Fan. I wasnt a loyalist before...untill a brand worth being loyal to came accross. Honda's obsessive-compulsive engineering is evident everywhere.
    Allow me to briefly enumerate Honda Culture and engineering in a few bullet points.

    • The head of the Honda Workshop in Mumbai is one crazy middle aged guy who has years of redlining superbikes. He himself owns a Hayabusa and has raced at Qatar Losail International like countless times and once in the company of Rossi on a wet track. When I am buying something to the tune of 15 lakhs that is the only kinda man I want to be talking to. Someone who knows what he is selling.
    • The exhaust of the 2010 Fireblade sits BENEATH the engine. It is lower than the engine. MotoGP pedigree. Helps your Handling if you are in the league of Hayden or Spies.
    • The Blade doesnt sit up and head for the scenery, as many bikes do when you are trialing the front into a bend. Courtsey : mad grade inverted forks.
    • The short owlish nose creates an illusion that you are sitting right over the front fork. In reality, the rider is part of the mass-centralisation. Plonked in the middle of the seat is exactly where the bike needs you to be and the suspension does the rest. The snubby nose mimics the abbreviated proboscis of the RC212V MotoGP bike, something Honda says makes for easier steering transitions at speed. Function and Performance first.
    • Kyoichi Yoshii, the “Large Project Leader” for this CBR, came to this assignment after he was the project leader of Nicky Hayden’s RC211V in the American’s MotoGP championship year in 2006. He then sat to develope the current Fireblade on the lines of RC211V
    • 23 patents are filed just for the CBR's “technology to assist transitional technique.”
    • When I first saw no hydraulic clutch on the Blade I immediately raised a smirk and applauded myself for having found a flaw in the Blade. Upon investigating more I realised to my pleasure that I was wrong. Hydraulic clutch is heavier. Honda has cable actuated unit far superior to hydraulic. Again with 20 million patents to their name for this, the lever pull is as light as that of a hydraulic clutch.
    • The IIC (Ignition Interfering control or something) determines the change from deceleration to acceleration based on throttle position, crank speed and countershaft speed, and it cuts the ignition for a brief 20ms when engine speed exceeds countershaft speed, reducing driveline shock. It’s a clever system, and works only up to 6000 rpm and only at small throttle openings. Just the way one would want it. At higher RPMs there aint to ingition interference to smoothen the throttle...just raw thrust of power.
    • The aluminum frame consists of just four pieces instead of conventional nine. Although the structure is 2.2kgs lighter, Honda says rigidity is up in all three axes: 40% laterally; 13% torsionally; and 30% at longitudinally
    • The Blade weighs a little under 200Kgs with Fuel. Equivalent weight for the Ninja 250R = 170 kgs.
    • 2nd generation Steering Damper. They say this technology, along with Hondas anti hopping slipper clutch, is alien.
    • C- ABS. The only bike with it. Period.

    The CBR is for those who love excitement, who wake up every morning smelling of petrol than sweat and would rather take a wild stallion ride and pray for the animal within to settle down than have a comfy limo ride to the evening party in a tuxedo. The great thing about it is, no matter who you are, or at what pace you are riding, its always helping you out.
    Achtung though ! Its not just a motorcycle...its a mixed martial arts cage fighter with a laugh-out-loud performance that will eat your face off but it will be nice enough to call the paramedics thereafter !

    My collection currently stands at
    Ninja250R, Honda CBR 600RR and
    ladies and gentlemen in about 2 mins I will be leaving my residence to take the delivery of the all new
    digital silver 2010 CBR 1000RR
    The wait had not been long but for about a week I sure was out of breath
    Attempted to kill time by making a CBR Fan Video. My crashed 600RR features in the vid.(only one pic). If you love CBRs you may like the Vid.

    I dont know how I am gonna live my forthcoming days and how many hours of the day I am gonna spend riding the shit out of the Blade.
    After all, theres no better expression of freedom, adventurism and style than arriving in a youthful dangerous and downright impracticle motorcycle like the Fireblade
    content from www
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    when i ride bullet before my bullet was solid condition but i once race with a Ceilo car and my engine size. mechancic say bullet is good bike but no racing. it is good for three people and very powerful.
    one day when i become rich i but ducati and then I race with cars. not now.
    kamlesh kanda
    IF you're at all going to be a respectable rider one day, leave your pride at the "door."

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    Congratulations bro! You have got the best superbike out there! Do share photos and first ride impressions with us!
    Join xBhp On

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    @Tenhut-Good to see the thread up. And congrats man.

    Two Honda fanboys already in this thread
    Join xBhp On

    My photography page: Gourab Das Photography

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    @Tenhut: Well Congrats again man..

    @MG: make it 3.. (Honda fans )
    Those people who tell you not to take chances
    They are all missing on what life is about
    You only live once so take hold of the chance
    Don't end up like others the same song and dance

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    nice..... welcome fireblade.... get it prepped and tell us wer n wen is the G2G(party)
    [SIGPIC]In Bike riding ,What you do is
    what happens; what you don't do-doesn't happen

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    @TenHut - "I think Aliens made it, its just out of human perfection league." lmao,
    congrats on the 'blade mate have a crazy time, ride her hard .. ride her safe.

    ride hard .. ride safe

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    Holy cow... just wanted to say ... you made me proud ! congratulations...
    May the torque be with you..
    My first F1 @ Sepang

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    I guess this is what happens when a knowledgeable Honda fanatic is awaiting delivery of his new CBR and has a couple of Red Bull's ! Your write-up is brimming with energy man.Well written too.

    All the best with the your new Blade.Truly captivating.

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    Congrats Man!!

    The fireblade surely is above human perfection league.
    It is one bike which is consistently among the Top two litre bikes in any comparo tests.

    Treat us with nice pics.


    Next time take this baby for the California Riding School!!
    Rachit K Dogra

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    Gee! Finally! Waiting for the *cough* parts to be installed on it and then hear the roar!

    PS: I saw 4 blades today enroute to Mumbai.... You taking test rides or someone doing an extended PDI or something?
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    #Everyone errs, accept it, defending/cribbing about it only makes it worse
    #Dont defend a manufacturer as if you work for them
    #Write. Think. If relevant hit submit. If not hit yourself
    #Be kind in your choice of words, you never know who would make you gulp em
    � Satyen Poojary

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