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Thread: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

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    Default Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

    For all those wondering about the title, I happen to be an ardent Modi supporter, and as luck would have it, I took delivery of my Crystal White Trumpy on the 16th of May, the day Modi was voted to power, by the largest democracy in the world. So, yes, it was indeed ' Ab acche din aayenge' come true

    The prelude to this story begins with my initial biking days, with my first bike, a Honda Unicorn, which was a fantastic companion, for a long time to come, and I even ended up customising it to make it look more like a Honda CB250. The itch to own something faster, better soon got the better of me and I ended up buying an R15. The R15 was the bike that brought Super sport styling, handling to the masses and I couldn't agree more. The bike handled great, was very reliable and very easy to maintain. Soon, I was riding long distances, exploring places far and beyond on my trusty steed.

    Unfortunately, something setup for the track would have it's draw backs on the touring front and so, the bug to get something more suited to touring got to me. With my new job, things looked good on the finance front, and I went ahead and made a booking for the upcoming CBR250R, without even taking a look it. The reviews were very positive, appreciating it's touring abilities and at a very affordable price. Very soon, the launch dates were finalised, and the dealer contacted me to make my payment, and gave me some tentative dates for delivery. Shortly, I was the proud owner of a Silver Sword CBR250R, the very first of it's kind on the roads. The bike looked great, had great mile-munching capabilities and a good handler. This certainly was the Quarter Litre
    for the World. It was great to own something that was launched on a global level. This meant lots of after market accessories, from the world over, to make the bike unique, and customize it one's personal tastes.With the CBR250R, also came in the biking groups in Bangalore. What used to be small group rides, with 3-5 people, was now a roaring group of 500+ bikers and the biking scene in India taking off in a grand way. The bike was extremely reliable, very frugal and hoot to ride. With some minor additions, the bike managed to turn heads, even after nearly 3 years. In the meanwhile, I got married, and the bike was a great tourer, even with 2-up riding. The engine was tuned for low-mid range torque, and was a great joy to ride, even with a pillion.

    Name:  295064_10151706074259714_2077460907_n.jpg
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    All this while, there were innumerable talks with all my biking buddies, about getting to own and ride a proper Sports bike/Super bike. My thirst for high speeds had been satiated by the CBR250R, but to own something that sounds great and goes like stink was ever present. It's a dream for every biker, I guess to experience the thrill of owning such a steed once in their lives. During one of the rides, I ran into a guy, who had bought a Ducati 796 and got to chatting with him. He confessed to me that though his first love was an inline triple, like the Triumph Street/ Speed, he had to settle for the Duc, as Triumph was nowhere in the scene at the time. This got me curious, as to how actually a Triple sounds, and all the videos conveyed only one thing "An Orchestra". Many of the CBR250R owners tried their best make the bike sound better, with an exhaust change. But no matter what they tried, it was still a single cylinder, and can never match the symphony of a multi cylinder engine. As one of my friends put it "Doesn't matter if you're using Bose headphones, if you're using some cheap music player, the sound isn't going to get any better"My mind was made up, if I were to ever upgrade to a full blown sportsbike/sbk, it has to sound great, turn heads when you give it the beans.

    At the 2012 Delhi Auto Show, Triumph showcased their entire line-up and announced that they were going to enter the Indian market, and the prices they had quoted were simply mouth-watering. And the wait began, to lay hands on one of them, or atleast hope to lay hands on one of them. Time passed by and the Triumph bikes and their pricing was the talk of the town. Thanks to the terrible performance of the rupee vs the dollar, the prices shot up and things were looking bleak. Plus the talks of owning a big bike in India, especially the Super Sports, had their due share of negatives: Aggressive riding posture, high engine heat, require high octane petrol and no regular availability of spares/ service. There were numerous talks of upgrading to a Ninja 650; the bike was true to it's touring capabilities, a good package, at a good affordable price, with company warranty and service backup. But the bike never tugged at the heart strings, a big negative being the exhaust note.

    Triumph chose Bangalore as their maiden place to open a dealer ship, and I was able to get a first hand look at my dream bike. I took the day off from work and ended up at the showroom, and there she was, all gleaming in black, parked outside the showroom. I swung a leg over her, and everything just feel into place. The riding posture was very neutral, the bike was extremely light and everything about the bike screamed high quality. My mind was made up and quickly started working out the finances. The only pending thing was the approval from the home minister. I had already laid in the ground work and soon enough, everything was settled and I was on my way to make a booking for my dream bike. We went and had a test ride on the bike, to ascertain if the bike was pillion friendly and got the final approval from the home-minister. The test bike was now fitted with the Arrow exhaust and man, does it sound glorious!

    I was lucky enough to find a buyer for the CBR soon and right after, made a booking for the Striple!! Days rolled by and I kept tabs on the Triumph thread on Team-bhp on a daily basis. Met up with one of the owners, who had graduated from a Pulsar 150, and was glad to know the bike was very easy to handle and live with. Managed to collect some old magazines on the Street Triple, read every online review, watched every Youtube video ( English, French, Portuguese ), to keep me occupied.

    Name:  IMG_20140526_211557090.jpg
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    Nearly 1.5 months later, I was on my way to take possession of the Crystal White beauty. Took the day off from work and reached the showroom well in advance. There she stood, all gleaming and ready to ride.

    Name:  IMG_20140516_174024541 (1).jpg
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    The chief technician explained the details of the bike and the running-in instructions. They had brought a cake to celebrate the occasion and the bike had a full tank of gas With all the briefing done, we headed out into Bangalore evening traffic, on a Friday evening

    The bike was a hoot to ride, and very comfortable for the rider and pillion. The huge traffic jams and intense heat put my biking skills to the test, and we were finally at the temple.

    Name:  IMG-20140516-WA0022.jpg
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    Got the puja done, reached home and awaited the morning sunrise, when we could take her out on the highway.

    Next morning, loaded up the saddle bags and set off on the maiden ride, with the Striple to Mysore.

    Name:  IMG_20140517_052609646.jpg
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    The bike took to the highway like a fish to water, and man is the power addictive. With the running-in conditions, the bike could do around 80-90kmph, enough to keep up with the traffic. But the way it reaches those speeds is just mindblowing At the same time, the engine is so flexible. From 40kmph to 90 kmph, in 6th gear, all very smoothly. Also, the tall first gear, revised from 2013 helps run around town in first gear, up to 40-50 kmph. In one word, the bike was simply 'Brilliant'

    So, enough of my boring text, I'll let the pics do the talking. Bottom line is that the bike is simply fabulous, and worth every rupee spent. It's no wonder the bike has remained at the top of the Street bike category, for the past 4-5 years.
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    Default Re: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

    Ownership approved.

    Awesome! Keep us updated with ride reviews and pics as you log on miles.

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    Default Re: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

    Let me be the first to congratulate you (apart from our Mod Baba). Very good choice - wish you miles of happiness ...
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    Default Re: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

    Congrats on the beautiful bike mate. Do post your riding experience and maintenance figures.
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    Default Re: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

    Congratulations. I can imagine the change in your life with this new machine. All I can say is that ride safe and take care of your ride.
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    Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience.

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    Default Re: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

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    "Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees you'll ride alone."

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    Default Re: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

    Aapke ache din to abhi se aa gaye

    Heartily congratulations on the new ride. And you take some awesome pics.
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    Ride safe and have fun.

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    Default Re: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

    congrats a cool streetfighter indeed.
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    wait for rc 200 begins. but for time got a classic 350

    '13 classic 350

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    Default Re: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

    Congratulations buddy! It's raining naked sport bikes in XBHP!! From Street triple to Z800 to Z1000. Brilliant buy and good to see you put the saddlebags on straight away and off for a ride.

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    Default Re: Triumph Street Triple: Ab ki baar, Triumph Street Triple ( Non R)

    Brilliant , just brilliant. This thing is a wheelie monster. Quirky looking , compact , and comfortable. And the fact that its an uncommon sight is the cherry on top. Enjoy your ride , its a hoot to ride. Ride hard , ride safe.
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