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Thread: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

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    Default Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Dear All,

    I have finally done the unthinkable - I mean what was unthinkable at least for me till only few days ago!

    Have gone ahead and bought Triumph Street Triple 675 (in 2016 colours!)

    I was confused for a long time between Triumph ST and Kawasaki Z800. Other bikes I considered were DSK Benelli 600i and Honda CBR 650F.
    But following things settled it for me:

    1) Triumph people were the only ones to go out of the way to arrange test rides and answer various doubts etc
    2) Honda and DSK people also arranged test rides etc - but I eliminated Honda as somehow I didn't overall like the bike. In terms of comfort it is very good but it somehow didn't feel the way I expected - this is entirely subjective and many can feel entirely in opposite manner. CBR 650F just doesn't feel that it has lot of oomph - which actually it does have. It can go fast, it can brake rather quickly and is comfortable. Yet somehow the package didn't feel as appealing as I wanted it. DSK Benelli 600i was quite good - but its braking was not what it should have been. Also it felt a bit on heavy side. I would have still gone for DSK Benelli if its price was about 50-70K more but it had ABS system. Unfortunately there was no indication when they will come with ABS and for me waiting for another 1-2 years was not desirable...So sadly I eliminated Benelli also.
    3) Kawasaki Z 800 was the most difficult competitor to eliminate. It had many plus points like imposing looks, superb power and excellent braking. Though on heavier side, once on the move it didn't feel that way. Additionally Z 800 was whopping Rs 80000 less on-road in Pune.
    BUT......It didn't feel comfortable on concrete or somewhat broken roads. This was my experience despite all automotive reviews saying Z800 has a more plush ride compared to Triumph ST. Actual on road feeling (at least when both test bikes were compared) was not matching that description. It also didn't feel comfortable for pillion at all - even my 10 year old daughter felt totally uncomfortable within 5 minutes of ride on Z800 - may be only the test bike was set up too stiff - but it spoiled the experience and hence opinion also. Plus Kawasaki folks were not ready to arrange a long test ride to allow a realistic comparison.

    Now, nobody in his or her right mind will put Rs 8 Lakh or higher on a bike simply due to trust on its name without giving it a reasonable try first. On Triumph, I had multiple long rides where I took my friend (equally heavy-set as myself ) as well as my wife on different occasions.

    Triumph turned out more comfortable in every condition. Be it heavy traffic, good or bad roads, Concrete or Asphalt, straight or turns...It was just quite easy to ride, very flickable and not scary despite being very fast.

    Actual riding experience:
    First thing to note is - compared to test bike actual bike is slightly more sedate sounding because of two things:
    a) Currently I am continuing with stock exhaust. Triumph specialist told me to decide about changing the exhaust to ARROW only after running in period was completed and first I should use stock exhaust for few km when full blown power can be utilized.
    b) As of now, can't exceed 5000 RPM. In fact I am not exceeding 4000 RPM really. Around 4000 RPM in 6th gear translates to about 68 kmph which is mostly enough for day to day purposes. The real sound would come only at a much higher RPM when one hits 120-130 kmph at least. Can't do that for now.

    Bike pulls easily from 25-30 kmph in 4th gear, from 30-40 kmph in 5th gear and from 45 kmph in 6th gear.
    Haven't checked fuel consumption yet. But found it quite easy to slice through traffic jams in Hinjewadi (Pune). It was not too different than KTM Duke 200 - only slightly more effort was required especially whenever we are in 1st gear. Finer control of clutch and slight increase in RPM is needed if you have to take off from standstill but don't want to accelerate too fast due to bumper-to-bumper traffic. But it is not too difficult. Height of the bike is quite manageable for me (I am 5 ft 10 in) with both feet easily reaching ground and the bike is quite light weight for its category.

    Minor niggles:
    Right side Rear View mirror is not giving me any view of traffic behind me despite my attempts to adjust it. Left mirror is just fine.
    When riding double seat, even with lot of caution, the speed breakers in various societies prove dangerous for this bike. For single seat this problem is almost eliminated.
    My suggestion is - once you reach your society, either find a way to bypass the speed-breakers by moving to extreme left if there is some space where you can sneak through, please do that. Else reduce your speed to almost 2-3 kmph while crossing the speed breaker and if there is a pillion with you, ask that person to get down before crossing such a speed breaker!! For single seat it didn't scrape the bottom even on rather tall speed breaker in our society as well as my friend's place.

    Except this one vulnerability, it is entirely practical motorcycle which I have already started using daily to my office. Comfort level is very high, all minor bumps aren't felt at all.
    Perfectly stable while going through the gravel on road side (obviously make sure that you don't cross particularly large stones that could hit the belly!)

    So, with some precautions, it is absolutely a normal motorcycle that anyone with basic skills can ride and yet, during weekend ride or on open roads, it has potential to transform into a vicious high-speeder that could prove fatal if not handled with care!

    More from me in near future once I go for few medium distance rides - need to finish those first 800 km as quickly as possible....Till then good-bye!!

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    Default Re: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Thread Approved

    Congratulations on getting this fantastic motorcycle. And thanks for a nicely put together review. Waiting for more updates as you rack up the miles
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Congrats mate, for this brilliant bike.
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    Default Re: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Ride safe and ride hard ! Enjoy your new pal ! Cheers.
    Being on two wheels is being liberated. The vastness one feels being under the open sky. The whole feeling. . . cant be described.

    Ride safe, Ride long.

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    Default Re: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Rose is really THE ROSE.

    Congrats Jeevan sir on your beautiful possession. Keep watering THE ROSE and take good care of her ( I am guessing you named the bike after your daughter's nick name,. may be )
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    Default Re: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Congratulation on beautiful machine
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    Default Re: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Congrats for your beautiful ride.It's Going to be a good companion for you and your family for a very long time.Decided to book this next year feb our March.
    Is it 2016 model if so,any technical changes like front suspension pre load adjustment or just this 2016 color??
    Again hearty congrats..

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    Default Re: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Congrats on the arrival of red machine...
    Vidhu AKA DD

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    live Free....
    drive carefully....

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    Default Re: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Congratulations, Jeevan. A great practical choice for a motorcycle.
    Last edited by bigron; 10-03-2015 at 11:36 AM.
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    Default Re: Red Rose - my new Triumph Street Triple 675 RED!

    Congratulations, sir, on an amazing purchase. It's a dream bike for me too.

    And yes, Triumph seem to be a lot more customer friendly than most other manufacturers. Here in Bangalore, they arranged a test ride of any bike on the NICE road (very good highway with less traffic), I booked my test ride through Triumph India's website and within hours I got an email with phone numbers. Called them and made it concrete that I'd be going to their showroom at 6 AM. Went there, parked my D390, hopped on to a white Striple (my heart and mind experienced no such excitement and joy). I, along with other riders, went from showroom to NICE road on test ride bikes. There I tested the bike to the full extent, they even provided a test ride of the bike of your choice from Bonny T100 to Daytona 675R to Tiger 800 XCx. (I rode Daytona 675R, Bonny and Striple.)

    I was shocked at their arrangement, no other manufacturer does this and all the staff were very, very friendly and knowledgeable. This made me so happy and I made myself to buy a Triumph when the time comes for me to upgrade.

    Not to mention, the bikes were absolutely breathtaking, from their looks to their performance. Nobody left the showroom unhappy even a guy who owns a Fireblade. Amazing guys, amazing motorcycles.

    Oh and the showroom is Keerthi Triumph, Bangalore.

    EDIT: They give test rides only if you're geared (Jacket, gloves and helmet (duh) are a must).
    Last edited by Gunslingin_Ridr; 10-03-2015 at 08:44 PM.

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