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Thread: My 2012 Yamaha R6

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    Smile My 2012 Yamaha R6

    Warning: Long Post, Novice Writer, Few Pics

    Hello Folks,

    I could not even think in a hindsight that this day would arrive. But thanks to God's grace, my parent's blessing and my wife's support, I am able to realize the dream. After so many years of drooling, watching every video and review possible, contemplating and wishing to own it one day... finally I bought a 2012 Yamaha R6.


    Much like most of us, 2 wheelers / bikes have always been a thing of fancy for me. The TV series Street Hawk is what I remember to have started it all… that black bike was kind of a wet dream to be honest in those childhood days.

    Being from a small town, a bicycle and then a two-wheeler were the main mode of transport for most people. I too was not very different. Used to ride bicycles during the school days, then graduated to the legendary Luna (handed down from my eldest sister to my elder sister to me) for a couple of years. But when I turned 18 I had to get on a bike and so the tug of war began…

    The Yamaha Rx135 that I didn't get, the CD100 that was handed down and the Classic Pulsar 150.

    My cousins had a Yamaha RXG. I am not sure if anyone remembers that bike, but it was something which Yamaha launched when the RX100 was discontinued before the RX135 launch which I assume was a rebranded RXG with 1 more gear… but anyways they got 1 between 3 of them and I wanted 1 for myself being the only son... which my father flatly disagreed because of the not so good mileage and even worse reputation of getting people into trouble. He offered me to get something else, but I flatly refused. We both stayed held to our guns but finally someone had to give in…

    My dad had a very short daily commute and we used to stay in the old city... So, having a car was out of question and everyone in our family had their own two wheelers predominantly from the Bajaj stable. My dad up to now has owned around 12-15 different 2 wheelers the first one being a Bajaj as well for which I guess they had to wait for around 6 years for delivery. He fondly remembers that in those days they did not get any choice. The dealer called about the vehicle being ready for delivery and they got it in whatever condition it was no questions asked... take it or leave it... Getting vehicles with torn or damaged seats was common in those days and he too had been smitten by the bike bug just a few years back when he saw a Kawasaki Bajaj 4S. Being the kind of guy he is... he got the bike for himself in the same month but that affair didn’t last long as he faced some reliability issues with the bike and decided to sell it off within a year for Hero Honda CD100.

    So, when my turn came to get a bike the CD100 had been in our family for around 2-3 years already. Do you remember the guy in the first para that gave in? Yup... you guessed it right... that’s me... I decided to use the CD100 for a few years until something good launched in the market…

    Then came the Pulsar in 2001… Obviously I had just got the CD100 few months back so there was no way I was getting a new bike this early, but my father finally gave in in 2003 and I got the Classic Pulsar 150 just before the DTiS version launched. I was happy that I got the classic because the DTiS felt a bit lighter to me compared to my bike and the round light looked a million times better compared to the cowl (my personal opinion). This bike is still in my hometown and is sparingly used by my nephew. I used it during my master's and my first job in Pune. This is my wife's favorite as well as this was the one which we used to roam around the city when we met for the first time.

    Name:  P150.jpg
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    The Pulsar 220F

    For my first job I moved to Pune and got my P150 transported as well, unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the proper procedure that time and, so we didn't get a NOC from my state and hence I could not get my bike registered in Maharashtra. I didn’t realize that having an out of state bike could be such a struggled. I could not go much further away from my house and had to limit my travel within a fixed radius. My friends use to lend me their vehicles every now and then, but I did not feel much comfortable asking favors on a regular basis so one fine day I went for a job interview (which I got rejected from btw) and on my way back booked the Pulsar 220F from the Probiking showroom. The Duke 200 and the R15 were other candidates that time but I chose the Pulsar considering the pillion comfort and the ample torque available on tap along with a stable ride. It served me well for the next 4 years and…

    Name:  P220.jpg
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    Then came 2014…

    We moved to the US in Sep 2014 and with a heavy heart I had to sell my beloved P220F to a colleague after getting it serviced and replacing the tires at my expense. We had taken care of each other for 4 years and I wasn’t going to part with it while it was in an average condition.

    When you relocate to a foreign country the bug to get your dream bike grows multifold due to the available options, the comparative lower buying and maintenance costs but when you are with your family, the needs take priority over the wants and, so I had to work on getting a car first.

    I got the license in 2 months and was looking for pre-owned options but slowly moved to getting a new car and in came a 2014 Honda Civic EX. As it was year-end, and 2015 model was already available this had some discounts available, so we went ahead and bought it. If I had waited a bit more, I could have got a pre-owned car and saved money, but I was just thinking of using it for a few years at-least and I am glad that the decision paid off. Unfortunately, few unforeseen expenses and a level of uncertainty in the job kept my plans of getting the bike at bay. I was just an observer here like in India thinking of getting a bike someday every time I saw one.

    Fast-forward to 2017…

    The job uncertainty was still there but at a higher level now considering Mr. T came into office. For me though it was a decision of now or never as it had been almost 2.5 years and I didn't know how much more I would be staying so if I had to get a bike it had to be now without thinking about the future or consequences. By March / April I took the riding course, got a license and was looking at preowned R6s at dealerships and craigslist. I looked at a few ZX6Rs and GSXRs as well, but I would quickly shift my focus on the R6 as that was the only bike I wanted to buy.

    Like a car though I wasn't going to get a new one this time but for different reasons altogether. Modifying a bike to a certain extent is what people do for sure in the US (fender eliminators, shorty levers, custom blinkers, frame sliders, and even exhausts are some of the most common mods) and I wanted to save myself a little bit of pain and money in that area along with the money saved on getting a preowned bike. Moreover a 07 or a 17 R6 wasn’t going to make much difference for me at my skill level of 2 in 0 to 10.

    Thought getting a good bike within your budget with relatively low mileage is a bit tough in craigslist. Most of them where way high compared to the KBB price and ones that were within budget had some kind of damage.

    Initial test ride and self-realization

    But in around May I found a good R6 around 90 miles from my place. I contacted the owner and on the next weekend went to see the bike. It was a 2012 black, around 5000 miles, no scratches, damage, etc. and the asking price was also reasonable. So, I offered the owner to take a test ride under the condition that if it falls, I pay for the damages. He agreed but accompanied me as a pillion. I took a short ride at low speeds near his residence and in a matter of minutes it hit me that I might have aged a lot in the last 2.5 to 3 years. The riding position was so extreme that it broke my back completely (not literally but the pain was on a similar level). That experience plus the creature comforts of a car made me realize that it might not be something that I would be comfortable riding on a day to day basis. There's a saying that you should never meet your heroes, for me that’s exactly what had happened that day and I was totally put off and took of my mind from getting a super sport.

    The Fz-09

    After getting a heard hit from reality I decided to shift focus on getting a middleweight naked bike. Though all the bikes are competent the Fz09 has been ruling all of them in sales and thus a had a high availability in the 2nd hand market. I found a recent year model with less miles and decided to take a look on the coming Sunday. The owner was in his early 20s and wanted to sell this for a down payment towards his truck. I like it and just asked him to give me a day to make my mind.

    The next day in my office I came to know that I might have to relocate somewhere within US in July. All the major expenses were immediately suspended, and the bike was also part of the list as in case I had to move, it would have added around 500-600$ in movement and other costs plus setting up a new house from scratch brought its own set of issues. So, I messaged the owner informing him about my decision and that was the end of it…

    The demo day that changed my mind

    July came, and I was still in the same city with still a bit of uncertainty, as usual browsing craigslist, cycletrader, dealer websites, etc. just to look at their inventory and to see getting good bikes being sold... On one website thought I came to know about a Yamaha demo day where test rides for most of the bikes are available which is not generally the case at dealerships. This was something I wasn’t aware of before as I am sure I might have missed many of them in the last few months. As the dealer was just 60 miles away, I headed over there with my wife over the weekend. The rides were distributed in slots across the day. You can take 3 test rides but at a time book only 1 slot. My choices for test rides were the R6, Fz09 and the R1. Unfortunately, the R1 was booked for the entire day so I could not get a chance to ride it. But in the first slot I selected the R6. Despite my previous experience, I approached this with an open mind. This would have been a first proper test ride for me and boy this was really an eye opener. The bike was so awesome to ride at somewhat higher speeds (still within the limit though) in the absence of a pillion. Though the position was as aggressive as before, this time I was able to move my body a little bit for a more comfortable ride. This was around a 25-30 mile ride and I was smiling ear to ear inside my helmet. The power and the rush was just something I had never experienced before. The moment that ride ended, my mind was made.

    Still, why to let go of an opportunity lay before you? So I went ahead and took the Fz09 for my second ride. The bike is a true hooligan and handles extremely well. All those stories of it being a wheelie machine are true and you have to be gentle with the throttle. Obviously, I am not skilled enough to take these bikes to even a quarter of their limit and with my limited capability was just able to device that the overall experience on the Fz09 wasn’t as special as being on the R6. To confirm my feeling about the R6, i took the test ride again and was glad to confirm the same feeling.

    Name:  R6-TD.jpg
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    The S1000RR bug…

    Surfing craigslist gives you all kind of options and the S1000RR seriously made me go weak in the knees especially the 2014 and prior models. Though I did not reach out to any owners considering the kind of power a 1000cc would throw at me, the higher maintenance of a German machine, the insurance costs, etc., I seriously considered getting it when we visited a dealer that had a 2012 S1000RR at a killer price. Hell, even my wife and her group of friends were bowled over that bike and I got a nod in the first go from her to get this in-spite of it costing a bit higher than my budget for the R6.

    We might have made the deal that day but the sales representative, a very experienced gentlemen told me that the bike had just come in a day before and there are few checks, factory recalls and periodic maintenance that are to be done on the bike and he wanted me to take a proper test ride before I made any decision which was fair on his part and I got a call from him 2 weeks later on a Wednesday inviting me for the ride but I could not visit him due to work on the weekdays and when I went there the same Saturday the bike had been sold already./

    I checked out many s1000rrs online but most of them were priced steep with high miles and I again thought of getting a 600cc rather than a 1000. Maybe the next bike would be this few years down the line.

    This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as well as in August I was first moved to a city 100 miles away from my place and then I got another job in San Francisco in November, so having bought a bike would have definitely been a hassle with all the movement involved from East to West coast.

    Dec 13 2017

    I got settled in the new job and as usual was browsing Craigslist in my free time to check for motorcycles.. I had seen a few but nothing that interested me. It was the usual affair on 13th Dec when a 2012 Yamaha R6 caught my eye. It was a single owned, low mile (5300), clean title bike. I checked the contact details and found a phone number listed. I immediately texted him and got a reply stating the bike was available. The place was again around 60 miles from where I stayed so I promised him to call back on Friday to discuss further on this.

    Once I left office on Friday, I immediately gave him a call. The guy sounded genuine and was gracious enough to meet somewhere near his place. He could not come to a place which would be equal distance for both of us as he was not comfortable riding the bike on the freeways which was the main reason for him to sell it in the first place, so the next day I along with my friend drove down to his place. I called him when we were about to reach as decided and he told that he is trying to get the bike jump started using a portable charger as it was idle for some time and the battery was dead. I thought it would be a good idea to hear the bike getting started with a cold engine and decided to go to his place instead.

    His place was in a pretty remote location and the area looked pretty rural. So at first we got second thoughts but then decided to go ahead. We found his house and entered the gate, got out and started looking for him. Seeing us he came out and met us. The guy was originally from Mexico having moved to the US around 12-15 years back, working in construction. He was a typical biker but preferred dirt bikes (he had a CRF 450 as well I guess) to super sports which suited the setting he lived in.

    He had stored the bike in his outhouse away from the elements and it was in pristine condition at first glance apart from the dead battery. He had fitted the bike with few accessories like fender eliminator kit, flush mounted indicators(front), a dark windscreen, frame sliders, swing arm spools, shorty levers and a GYTR slip-on exhaust.

    So while the battery was getting charged, we discussed the overall condition, usage, reason for selling, getting the bike inspected, etc. He didn't have any service records as he moved recently but was happy to get it inspected by a dealer.

    After 30 mins or the battery had enough juice to jump start the bike post which I took a test ride and then we went to a nearby dealer and got the bike inspected. While the bike was getting inspected we wanted to grab a bite and asked our new friend to join us as well and I guess that was the first time he tried vegetarian food which he liked I assume.

    We returned back and got an OK from the dealer on the condition of the bike but just few minor things like engine oil, brake fluid, etc. had to be taken care of thought not immediately. We returned back to his place and did a bit of discussion on the bike and the selling price. The price was firm according to him which was fair at the first place but I wanted some discounts considering the bike needed maintenance. Finally we decided on the price he quoted which included a spare helmet and delivery of the bike to my place either by riding or on his truck. After a little bit of thinking he agreed and the deal was done. We returned and on the way back I was so happy that I immediately called my friend back in India who is also passionate about superbikes and gave him the news. He was so excited to hear this and wished me all the best.

    The night I was a bit nervous as this was a major decision I took and still was having the 2nd thoughts. I called my wife (she is still in East coast by the way due to her job) who as usual talked some sense into me as I am an overthinker. She told me to chill and enjoy the ride.

    The next day I got below update from the seller around 11:00 in the morning and I got excited….

    Name:  R6-2.jpg
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    He texted me again when he started and within 2-3 hours he reached at the my friend's place with the bike on his truck. This is when I was quickly able to capture this once in a lifetime vid.

    We offloaded the bike and completed the transaction. He told me that on his way to my place, every time he saw the bike in the rear-view mirror, he wanted to turn around and return back as he loved the bike so much, but preferred selling it as he did not use it that much and could use the money towards another dirt bike. He also had a Astar mesh jacket which he won't be using now and so we did a small deal around that as well as it fit me just fine. I thought of using it for some time while I would be buying my own gear during the next few months. Post this, he took my leave with a promise to help me in case of any issues with title transfer. My friend's wife and twin daughters were gracious enough to do the customary puja and off i was to my place experiencing my own dream bike for the first time!!

    Name:  R6-4.jpg
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    I'll never rest until I can make my own way
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    Default Re: My 2012 Yamaha R6

    Ownership Experience Approved

    What a wonderful read. Glad you shared your entire journey towards getting your R6. Wish you many happy miles on this!
    Biking is not about what you have between your legs, its all about how well you use it!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: My 2012 Yamaha R6

    Quote Originally Posted by skyknight19 View Post
    Warning: Long Post, Novice Writer, Few Pics
    Congrats on the purchase ,nice one .The R6 has been my dream bike for such a long time but i think priorities change with time and practicality takes over and with Yamaha going very selective in their imports it will only remain a dream for me.
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    Default Re: My 2012 Yamaha R6

    Quote Originally Posted by The Monk View Post
    Ownership Experience Approved

    What a wonderful read. Glad you shared your entire journey towards getting your R6. Wish you many happy miles on this!
    Thanks a lot for the wishes @The Monk

    Quote Originally Posted by bharatheshk View Post
    Congrats on the purchase ,nice one .The R6 has been my dream bike for such a long time but i think priorities change with time and practicality takes over and with Yamaha going very selective in their imports it will only remain a dream for me.
    True that, for me also it was a matter of timing. Being late by a few months could have cancelled my decision altogether. Regarding Yamaha, i would really not say anything. They are unwilling to bring in CKD kits and assemble them for some reason which is the goto strategy as of now.
    I'll never rest until I can make my own way
    I'm not afraid of fading
    I stand alone

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