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Thread: Day 2 & 3: Pune and Pune to Goa

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    Default Day 2 & 3: Pune and Pune to Goa

    The day after the flag off saw the team make final preparations before the start of the 10000 km ride across the country. The xBhp team also caught up with the founder of Powerdrift Rohan aka Ten Hut. The Powerdrift team have been generating quality video reviews of motorcycles for the last few years taking the image of Indian motorcycling to a whole new level globally. xBhp thanks PD for their contribution to the motorcycling community of the country.

    The next day the ride finally started as the team left from Pune for Goa. With the previous day having drenched all the roads, the next morning was a foggy affair as visibility was extremely poor. But all the wet roads couldnt dampen the spirits of the team as they rode through the Western Ghats. Narrow roads made up the majority of the ride and the team made its way through the sinewy track. The Benellis held up very well on some of the semi-rural potholed roads. The 600GT showed its touring spirit by munching up the miles in absolute comfort while keeping the rider absolutely fresh. The TNT 899 is a very involving machine as it needs the rider to completely focus on the job at hand. The 600i was a steady workhorse which did all that was required and still had a lot more in store. The 301 even though the smallest of the Benelli family, held its own and came through with flying colours in all respects.

    The road taken went via Kolhapur and after Nipani the team turned off towards Sawantwadi via Amboli Ghats. Some beautiful vistas were encountered en route and were a delight to the photographers! The team finally reached the Goa border as dusk approached, just short of the border a final butt break was decided, at this place an old and experienced xBhpian Venky came to receive the team and guided the team 70 km right to the hotels doorstep.

    A wonderful day came to an end as the team had clocked its first kilometres on the highways of the country and finished it off with meeting an old friend after many years. This was just the start of the 10000 km, a long wonderful road lies ahead.

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    Default Re: Day 2 & 3: Pune and Pune to Goa

    Nice snaps there!

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