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Thread: Day 5 & 6: Goa - Mangalore - Kozhikode

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    Default Day 5 & 6: Goa - Mangalore - Kozhikode

    Day 5: Goa to Mangalore

    After a wonderful meet in Goa with xBhpians and G.E.A.R.S it was time for the team to head onwards to Mangalore for a night halt. Exiting Goa wasnt a problem as the team once again were led by Venky out of the state bypassing the traffic of busy Margao. Venky was kind enough to see the team off right to the Karnataka border from where he turned back while the rest proceeded to the coastal city of Mangalore.

    The state of Karnataka though bordering Goa is extremely different and the team enjoyed the Ghat sections. Riding along the coast, everyone was treated to a gorgeous sunset at the beach, where the shutterbugs went into overdrive. With the build up to Holi, the roads did have a festive tinge to it. Though the original plan was for a night halt and an early morning start from Mangalore, the team received a phone call from some bikers of the city while en route. These guys had seen posts on Facebook and tweets and contacted the team in time. Team Revlimiterz as they called themselves waited patiently on the highway on the outskirts of the city to escort the team to their hotel. But before reaching the hotel, everyone proceeded to a CCD nearby to have a good time chilling, chatting and regaling tales of previous rides. After having a gala time there, everybody proceeded to the hotel, where some of the enterprising guys went out in search of local fish curry and chicken. A long day came to an end post-midnight with an early morning wakeup call on the cards!

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    Day 6: Mangalore to Kozhikode

    An early morning start was not possible as a ride with Team Revlimiterz was planned. All the young guns from the city came on their respective steeds to do a short ride in the city to the beach. Everyone rode responsibly and in proper formation to the meeting point where group photos were taken. Sunny and Old Fox also then Thanked Team Revlimiterz for their contribution towards motorcycling, as the group had organised multiple safety rides in unison with the local police. Revlimiterz also thanked xBhp, because that is how they met each other and became part of the community. After a short but sweet G2G it was time for the team to head to God’s Own Country. Once again the team was escorted to the highway and wished a safe journey ahead. It was a pleasure meeting and riding with the bikers of Mangalore.

    Entering Kerala is always a culture shock from the traffic point of view. As narrow roads, heavy traffic and dense population make for a heady cocktail. It is almost impossible to ride in formation or even as a group as there is just too much traffic. Slow and steady is the mantra as the ThankYouRide team snaked its way through the congested roads of the state. It is a bit difficult to believe that these roads pass off for highways in this day and age! But to counter the negatives of the roads of the state is the fantastic food on offer there. The very first meal had there made everyone fall in love with the state. From the vegetarians to the meat eaters every single person was overjoyed at the delicious food.

    The sumptuous meals and crowded roads ensured that the team took quite some time to reach the night halt of Kozhikode. The team entered the city at dusk and got some much deserved rest as a long day was planned for the next day to the port city of Kochi, where a G2G was planned with the bikers of the city.

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    Default Re: Day 5 & 6: Goa - Mangalore - Kozhikode

    Some really nice captures there! Specially the first few.

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