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Thread: Day 9: Trivandrum

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    Default Day 9: Trivandrum

    An early Sunday morning was started with a meet with the Trivandrum bikers. The meeting point was the hotel the team was staying at and the bikers of the city started trickling in at 7 AM and were a group of 70+ bikers within the hour.

    Order of events in TVM had the people meet up first where everyone was introduced to the reason of the ride, followed up by the Thanking Ceremony. Representatives of various motorcycling groups of TVM were thanked for their individual and collective contributions to the motorcycling community. Team Ghost Ryderz were thanked in TVM for their fantastic contribution to the world of motorcycling, by showing that India indeed has talent. These wonderful guys are pretty much the only properly organized stunt team in the country, having done countless shows across the country. It is a matter of pride for the motorcycling community at large.

    Travancore Knights a group of Harley Davidson owners from TVM were also thanked for their extensive contribution to promoting motorcycling in the city. Last and surely not the least were a bunch of xBhpians who have been the pillars of strength for the community. These guys have helped grow the community to what it is today, including doing innumerable safety rides in the city along with the local police and organising intercity and interstate G2Gs! Jayamohan, Jayan Morris, Vishnu Nair, Srinath, Harikesh were some of the xBhpians who were thanked, even though a few couldnt make it to the G2G due to prior commitments.

    After the felicitation ceremony, the hungry lads went for breakfast where everyone enjoyed some good grub. All the arrangements for the meet were made by Jayan The Celebrity Morris and gang! And very well made arrangements it was. After breakfast the team rode out to Shangumugham Beach for a quick photoshoot. Luck was favourable as the weather was amazing with a cloudy sky keeping the harsh sun away. After a good chilling session in the hot sun, it was time for the ThankYouRide team to head out towards the southernmost tip of the country Kanyakumari. But not before the xBhpians from the city rode back to the hotel and waited an hour to see off the team. A warm welcome and send off ensured that everybody from the team left TVM with fond memories and a desire to go back!

    Sugeeth Krishna, an xBhpian from TVM decided that he had to ensure the team left the state! So he rode along all the way to Kanyakumari a hundred kilometres away! He led the team through the coastal route, instead of the regular NH 47 which would have been boring. So through the sinewy and in places broken tarmac went the team led by Sugeeth. Everyone enjoyed the beauty of the coast as a photoshoot opportunity was also got on a beach running along the road along with some wonderful spicy buttermilk, watermelon juice and coconut water! When in Kerala keep rehydrating yourself with awesome roadside drinks to stay fresh.

    A few chicken patties later the team arrived in Kanyakumari just in time to capture the sunset. Sugeeth hung around with the team watching the sunset and left back for home only after it had started getting dark. A big heartfelt thanks to Sugeeth for spending time with the team and showing the way!

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    Default Re: Day 9: Trivandrum

    Thanks from bringing to us bikers from the far south of India.

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    Default Re: Day 9: Trivandrum

    Looking great, I'm so happy to know that there are many bikers in good old TVM and also xbhpians, I'll be relocating to there next month due to my new job.

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