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Thread: Day 19: Vizag to Bhubaneswar

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    Default Day 19: Vizag to Bhubaneswar

    Waking to the sound of waves breaking against the seashore with the sun rising out of the ocean is an experience hard to forget. Especially when a few days back the team had been seeing the sun setting into the ocean! It was time to meet the V! Superbikers to thank them for promoting the culture of safe motorcycling in the city of Vizag. Sean, the founder was unfortunately not in town but members of the club Phaneendra, Sathwik and Deepak joined the team for breakfast and then even rode 100 km out of the city towards Bhubaneswar. The turnaround point for the Vizag bikers was immediately after a toll, where everybody congregated. Within minutes there were tens of locals crowding around the Benellis to have a look at the ThankYouRide motorcycles decked out in the lovely red and white colour scheme.

    After saying goodbye the team moved on towards Odisha, where the Old Fox the driver for the day was fortunate to cross the border unscathed. As the border crossing between Andhra and Odisha is infamous for its hour long traffic jams with truck lined up to cross the border. As soon as the team crossed into Odisha it was time to stop for lunch and eat the most amazing Shorshe Maach (Mustard Fish) at a roadside dhaba. The same eatery where the team had stopped during the Great India Collectors Ride. A hearty lunch later it was time to head on towards Bhubaneswar where weather reports warned the team of a bad thunderstorm.

    A few customary photos en route Bhubaneswar were clicked near Chilkha Lake, but everyone was in a hurry, as an evening G2G had been planned for in Bhubaneswar and the team didnt want to reach late, what with the storm brewing ahead of the team. But lady luck smiled down and ensured that everyone reached dry as tinder, as the team was met and escorted by the xBhpians of Bhubaneswar from the city outskirts to the G2G meeting point at XIMB square CCD. From there quick time was made thanks to the human GPS that the team was blessed with and for the first time in the history of the ThankYouRide, the team actually reached early for a G2G!

    Bhubaneswar Superbikers Club, REal Pride Riderz and xBhp Bhubaneswar were present there to meet the team. The groups were also thanked for the good work they have been doing to improve the motorcycling scene in the city and around. It was also time to thank all the xBhpians who have contributed to the community over the years. The Pillars of xBhp from Bhubaneswar are Swagat Rath, Anupam Behera, Shyam Sharma, Satya Pratik Samantaray, Bibhu Kar, Siddhant Mishra, Pervez Raza and Taufique Raza. Some of these stellar gentlemen were absent, as they were not in town, but nonetheless their contribution cannot be forgotten. Lt. Aneesh Awasthi though not from the city, is posted there in the Indian Army. A resident of Shimla, he was another Pillar of xBhp who was thanked in Bhubaneswar.

    After a good time just relaxing and catching up with the Bhubaneswar xBhpians it was time to head to the hotel for the night, as a long day on bad roads awaited the team from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata!

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    Default Re: Day 19: Vizag to Bhubaneswar

    It was nice meeting you guys. First time attended a meet.
    Never knew Monk was that young .
    By the way, you people survived Bhubaneswar's Heat that day, thanks to that Thunderstorm.
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    Default Re: Day 19: Vizag to Bhubaneswar

    Monk is also a knowledge bank when it comes to bicycles as well!

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