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Thread: Day 27: Varanasi to Lucknow

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    Default Day 27: Varanasi to Lucknow

    Varanasi wakes up early...really early. Probably a legacy that arises from being the oldest inhabited spot on planet Earth. Though the double panelled glass windows of the hotel room did not allow those chants-at-dawn to intrude upon our beauty sleep but the alarm set did go off as faithfully as technology permits. It was a long day ahead to Lucknow and as the G2G had been planned for 7:30 PM there, we wanted to be in early with enough time at hand to freshen up a bit and then join the bikers in the City of Nawabs. xBhpians in Varanasi had planned to ride with us in the morning and guide us out of town onto NH2 and on the way to Allahabad. And right on cue, there they were in the hotel parking just as we walked out after a lovely breakfast. 5 bikes and seven people would flank us and escort us out. It always feels great to be welcomed and the warm send-offs are no less pleasurable. Only the localities would know which roads are blocked for relaying tarmac and so what alternate routes would get us the quickest out of the crowded city. Twenty minutes of riding and we were ceremoniously deposited on NH2 wow! Handshakes, goodbyes and best wishes preceded our ride off on the long road to Lucknow ahead. Soon we reached the Allahabad bypass and blessed the beautiful 40 km laid out in concrete ahead for us. Not only is the bypass a pleasure to ride on but it also is almost deserted and so we made good time on it. A short break mid-way saw Mohit and Shankar wash the bikes and have an impromptu bath themselves. Helped them get rid of the heat and the grime temporarily though. The country is witnessing the onset of summer and the roads now offer a taste of what the hotter months ahead will be like. We rode on making good time to Kanpur with a couple of butt breaks cum cold drink stops thrown in between.

    Kanpur is usually a traffic-jammed mess and we were dreading that in this heat. But lo and behold! We took the right from underneath the long flyover that bypasses the city and the road ahead, squeezed to a narrow two lane path due to extensive construction work, lay empty ahead of us. Life never ceases to amaze at times. We could hardly believe it took us barely 10 minutes to get across the Ganga Bridge and hit the road to Lucknow some 70 odd kilometres ahead. The road from Kanpur to Lucknow is badly pockmarked with potholes while the side from Lucknow to Kanpur is butter smooth. The mystery behind it? Trucks carrying river sand go heavily over-loaded on the way to Lucknow and so break the tarmac. They return empty, way lighter and so the road back is smooth. Such are the vagaries of road travel in our country. Bikers from Lucknow were to rendezvous with us near the Lucknow Airport and true to their word, we saw a cluster of bikes parked next to the road and a group of young men flagging us down. Lovely to be welcomed into another city. Once again we were flanked by them and escorted to our hotel in Gomti Nagar. The outer ring road to Gomti Nagar in Lucknow was a revelation 4 lane, smooth tarmac and disciplined traffic. The last was practically unbelievable. We freshened up and reached the venue of the meet Zayka Restaurant near the now famous Dr. Ambedkar Park. The gathering again surprised it as it had been a working day and yet there was nary a tired face among the large crowd of enthusiastic bikers. We met the Roaring Indians, a biking group that is a lot more active these days than the older Nawabs on Wheels. But the bonding and the camaraderie was beyond loyalties to clubs, brands or styles of motorcycling. And we loved every moment spent there with them. But it was getting late and we had another long day ahead the next day the mid-ride home run from Lucknow to Delhi. And of course the daily post-ride chores of downloading the photos and videos shot during the day, sharing stuff on social media, taking care of the machines and of course catching up on some precious sleep.

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    Default Re: Day 27: Varanasi to Lucknow

    Liked the pictures. Specially where both men and machines were freshened up!

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