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Thread: Advice on buying an RX 100 required urgently!!!

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    @AMG_13 - Its up to you whether to go in for a new one or RX. From your points below
    i dono much abt bikes other than the riding part
    also this is the first 2-wheeler dealing in my family so even dad knows nothin abt it and we dont know any trusted mechanic . dad fears that the mech and the dealer will both cheat us of our money and make us pay for a piece of crap
    You seemed to be more tossed towards RX by word of mouth. I do agree its a legend or a great motorcycle. Me being an owner of RX, for over 12 years have learned a lot & ofcourse that comes out of spending a lot too, know enough of problems that the motorcycles makes & how difficult it is to find parts to fix them & how easy it is for the mechanics (and the A.S.S) to fool around the innocent owners.

    A good friend of mine gave a wonderful piece of advice who's also a member in this forum - Do you want to spend your time riding the motorcycle or fixing it? Do you want to spend your weekends fixing the motorcycle or with family? I would say that was a real eye opener for me to get the lust of 350 out of me.

    So ask yourself those 2 questions before you decide to buy a new motorcycle or a used one. Whatever you choose - Good Luck.
    Skill is what keeps you on a Motorcycle
    Awareness + Skill is what keeps you out of harm's way
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    Hi there. i would like to add, whats your budget for the bike?? is it 28k only, or you plan on spending further to re-building the bike to stock condition???

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    hey guys .. change of plans .. i've to go outta station for a week so i'll be reopening this thread later when i come back

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