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Thread: Two-stroke magic- RD350 HT, LT, RX135 4 speed, RXZ 5 speed.

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    Default Two-stroke magic- RD350 HT, LT, RX135 4 speed, RXZ 5 speed.

    Hey there fellow brethren! Its been a while since i've been here.
    This year i managed to restore three of my two stroke bikes, The Low torque RD350 got an all yellow paint treatment, buff, and exhaust chambers. The next one, my High-torque RD350, is in the line, and it too will get its fair share of treatment soon, as for the others, the RX-Z 5 speeder got a complete overhaul, and my RX135 4-speed too got its fair share of improvements, so in this video i showcase all four of my smokey stink wheels. Do comment and feel free to point out the aspects of the bikes i could have improved upon. Here is the link to the walkaround.
    The best Indian two-stroke Motorcycles - YouTube

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